Chinese Communist Regime Seeks to Dominate World, GOP Senator Warns

The Chinese Communist Party is dead serious about trying to dominate the world. The United States ought to step in and stop it, GOP Senator Marsha Blackburn warned as she headed for a visit to Taiwan.

Taiwan the Top Target for Chinese Expansion

After a period of some very slight, relative political liberalization in the 2000s, communist China has become particularly aggressive, both internationally and domestically.

The clearly aggressive stance in Beijing has been brought about by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who came to power at the end of 2012.

He has concentrated more power in his hands than any Chinese leader since Mao Zedong, the founder of communist China.

The island of Taiwan formally calls itself the “Republic of China,” a descendant of the Chinese republic founded in 1911 after the end of the medieval Chinese empire.

The Chinese leadership in Beijing has been fuming over any high-profile American visits to Taiwan since these visits are interpreted as lending support to a potential declaration of independence by Taiwan.

In early August, the Chinese were so furious over Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan that they threatened they would shoot down her airplane.

Of course, they haven’t made good on that threat. China ended up exposing its toothlessness vis-à-vis the United States of America as all it did was stage threatening military drills around the island.

‘Emboldened’ and ‘Intent’ on Global Domination

Blackburn has now made yet another high-profile American political visit to Taiwan; she headed there on Thursday for a meeting with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen.

Blackburn warned in an interview for Breitbart News that the Beijing communists are on a march to try to dominate the world and the United States has to stop them.

The Tennessee senator declared the goal of the trip is to “help deliver the message” that America is standing with Taiwan. Earlier this summer, Blackburn sponsored bipartisan legislation to establish a Lend-Lease program that would deliver defensive armaments to Taiwan.

The Beijing communists are “intent on becoming globally dominant,” she stressed further, adding the regime of dictator Xi Jinping is looking at their efforts as a “100-year marathon.”

The Tennessee senator pointed out America is concerned about how the People’s Republic of China would like to conquer Taiwan and “take their freedom.”

Blackburn further blasted the regime in Beijing for pushing its global agenda with the so-called Belt and Road Initiative. In this plan, China “exercises debt diplomacy” in order to “take control” of entire areas and nations.

She declared her conviction that the United States has got to be extremely careful about the Chinese march for global dominance. Blackburn then said America ought to “stand with” the nations that are defending themselves and “their freedom.”

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.