Chinese Planes Reportedly Land at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan

Multiple reports have surfaced from Afghanistan that state Chinese planes reportedly landed at Bagram Airforce base. Bagram Airforce base was a former U.S. base that was home to U.S. military aircraft, vehicles, and high-tech military equipment.

In 2006, the U.S. even created a second runway with $96 million in tax dollars; now, that same runway is now being used to land the CCP’s military planes.

What used to be the United States’ biggest military base has now been reported as seen with its lights on. However, the Morning Express that reported the scoop gave no further details on who turned on the lights.

However, it’s suspected the lights were turned on by a Chinese delegation who visited the deserted base earlier in the week. Most of the aircraft and the vehicles left at the Bagram airbase are now being used by the Taliban to terrorize the people of Afghanistan.

The Taliban also has their hands on night vision goggles that allow soldiers to be able to fight in the nighttime as if it was daylight. So now, thanks to the Biden administration, Afghans will now be targeted all throughout the day and the night.

This Isn’t a Hoax Either

It may not seem like a huge deal the lights were turned on, but ever since U.S. and Afghan troops abandoned the base, it has been completely dark every night. Now, all of the sudden, it’s lit up like a Christmas tree.

Take a look:

The Taliban denied the Chinese military visited the base, but if we learned anything from the last 20 years in Afghanistan, it’s the Taliban cannot be trusted.

As of right now, it’s more likely that since the U.S. left Afghanistan, China has been cozying up to the Taliban. They also likely have their eyes set on Bagram base for its geostrategic location.

Another Blast Just Occurred in Kabul

A report that just surfaced from Kabul declared a bomb explosion outside of a mosque just killed two civilians. The bomb explosion furthermore left others injured. As of right now, it’s unclear who was responsible for the attack; yet, it’s suspected ISIS was behind the bomb explosion.

After 20 years of U.S. occupation in Afghanistan, the country is in the same situation it was in 20 years ago. It’s only a matter of time before the world caves in and recognizes the Taliban as a legitimate government.

The reason why the world governments will recognize the Taliban is the Taliban will continue to portray itself as a government that will fight ISIS. However, in reality, under the Taliban’s leadership, Afghanistan will become a hotbed for other terrorist groups.

The day the rest of the world recognizes the Taliban as a legitimate form of government will be a sad day indeed.