Chris Cuomo Suspended from CNN

In a surprising move, CNN news host Chris Cuomo has been suspended from hosting his show, Cuomo Prime Time. The long-time host has been suspended for an unknown amount of time; as of right now, it looks as if he won’t return to CNN anytime soon.

Cuomo’s suspension comes months after he allegedly secretly tried to help his brother (former governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo) fight off his sexual harassment accusations.

CNN’s suspension comes after AG of New York Letitia James released records that revealed Chris Cuomo texted his brother to connect with his “sources” to help do damage control for Andrew’s reputation.

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Cuomo is currently signed to a $6 million dollar contract that was set to be renewed soon, but as of right now, it’s unclear if Cuomo will get an extension to his contract.

Cuomo completely avoided reporting on his brother Andrew Cuomo, even when the disgraced governor was found by New York’s AG to have sexually harassed a total of 11 women.

CNN, as a whole, mostly avoided reporting ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment accusations. Instead, the network decided to bash Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during that time.

Andrew Cuomo was invited on CNN frequently and even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic. CNN would constantly praise Andrew Cuomo for his handling of “stopping the spread.”

Yet, in reality, Andrew Cuomo ordered COVID-19 patients to be housed at nursing homes, which led to thousands of elderly people dying. As of right now, Chris Cuomo’s show has the lowest ratings it has ever had; if his replacement gets more views, Chris could be out the door permanently.

Don Lemon Could be Next

Another CNN star could also see a suspension very soon. CNN host Don Lemon, whose show comes on right before Cuomo’s, is currently facing a lawsuit that alleges Lemon did some extremely sickening things.

A man by the name of Dustin Hice filed a lawsuit, alleging Lemon of dastardly deeds three years ago at a bar in the Hamptons. The lawsuit alleges Lemon stuck his hands down his pants, rubbed his private parts, and then shoved that same hand in Hice’s face, asking him if he liked girls’ or guys’ private parts.

Lemon has completely denied the allegations and claimed Hice’s lawsuit is homophobic harassment. At this point in time, CNN has the lowest ratings in its network history and the main reason is that many Americans are unplugging from the corporate media.

CNN repeatedly told them Trump was going to lose the election, but as history shows us, they were completely wrong. CNN is no longer considered trustworthy and most Americans are now tuning out and instead turning to alternate news outlets.