Christopher Steele Gets $1M Offer From the FBI

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Almost six years after the FBI did everything in its power to smear former President Trump over allegations of colluding with the Russians during his 2016 presidential campaign, the agency has yet to turn up with any significant evidence.

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, it was revealed the FBI offered Christopher Steele, the former British spy behind the infamous dossier on Trump, up to $1 million if he could provide solid proof of the allegations against Trump, with no results.

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FBI just won’t stop digging up Steele’s dossier on Trump

During his testimony, FBI analyst Brian Auten came forth and admitted he and a group of agents unnamed met with Steele in October last year. This was done in order to procure information that would make their 2016 surveillance warrants legitimate.

As expected, when Auten was asked whether the agency had any info that would confirm Steele’s allegations, the FBI analyst stated there was none at the time. This is supporting Trump’s narrative that investigations into him and his campaign were illegitimate.

At the time, the general consensus is Steele didn’t receive any amount of money due to being unable to prove his claims that were later compiled into the now-infamous dossier.

This was compiled by BuzzFeed News in early 2017, which ultimately ended up being the lynchpin in the left’s anti-Trump strategy.

Currently, Danchenko’s trial is the last one on the schedule before John Durham issues his final report on the Trump/Russia collusion hoax orchestrated by Democrats in power at the time.

Biden’s FBI task force

The only “guilty” plea Durham managed to score was from former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith. He admitted to forging several e-mails in order to attain the FISA warrants needed to begin surveillance of Trump’s campaign advisor, Carter Page.

Unfortunately, Durham’s investigative team couldn’t get Clinton’s campaign lawyer Michael Sussman to talk, likely due to his being acquitted by a Washington D.C. jury earlier this year on charges of lying to the FBI.

A couple of months later, Senator Chuck Grassley from the Senate Judiciary Committee added that FBI whistleblowers confirmed Auten’s involvement in suppressing the Hunter Biden investigation. This was set to launch during Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign.

The info procured from the whistleblowers confirmed Auten’s team illegitimately discredited the data on Hunter as “disinformation“ from the Russians, ultimately causing any investigatory activity to cease immediately.

It’d be no surprise if it’s later found out that none other than Joe himself made the call; although there’s still insufficient information to support this narrative.

The Bidens won’t shy away from using their power and connections to flip a story in their favor. In the end, the truth always bubbles up to the surface; if it does, justice will be served to all those involved.