CIA Bombshell Reveals New Secrets About Trump Russian Hoax

As part of a suit filed on Friday, Special Counsel John Durham said the CIA determined information provided by Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann, indicating cooperation between President Trump and Russia, was “not factually conceivable.”

Instead, it was “user produced.”

Specifically, in the petition, Durham addressed issues raised by Sussmann’s defense team, regarding what evidence would be admitted at the trial, which is set to begin next month.

He is suspected of lying to the FBI by claiming he was not having a meeting on behalf of a specific client. He was actually doing so on account of the Clinton campaign and a tech executive with whom he had a professional relationship.

Durham first demonstrated in February the administration would establish during court hearings that data “exploited” included domain names (DNS) web traffic pertaining to a specific health professional.

This also pertained to Trump Tower, Donald Trump’s Central Park West apartment block, and believe it or not, the Executive Office, as well.

To Be Continued…

Data was misused, Durham claimed, “by exploiting the EOP’s DNS server and other metadata for the goal of acquiring derogatory information on Donald Trump.”

The information was used to establish “an inference” and a narrative linking Trump to Russia, he added in February.

The original accusation states Sussmann informed then-FBI General Counsel James Baker he was not working for any client when he requested and held meeting where “alleged data and ‘white papers’ reportedly illustrated covert communications channel.” 
Communications between both the Trump Campaign and Alfa Bank, which has connections to the Russian government, were presented. This was less than two months before the 2016 presidential election.

More on the Indictment

According to the indictment, Sussmann “falsely said to the legal advisor he was not making the charges to the FBI on account of any client” during the meeting.

He has pled not guilty, but asked for the matter to be dropped. This Thursday, the federal judge in charge of the case rejected that motion.

Durham has not yet come to a final determination. That’s why Durham claimed, “whether data was genuinely faulty or offered a reason,” proof of FBI and CIA actions to “examine these concerns is crucial.”

It will help jurors analyze those procedures, which in turn will help them determine whether the defendant’s claimed blatant lie was material. It may influence or impede government services, Durham said.

Ultimately, the new filing shows the CIA knew all along the Clinton campaign’s claims that Trump was sending private messages to Russia were completely false. The major problem is why the Pentagon did not speak out against the lies sooner.

At this point, Durham should be kept safe at all costs because what he’s about to find is going to be huge.