CIA Director William Burns Secretly Met Up With Taliban Leader

A diplomat within Afghanistan has just reported that CIA Director William Burns met up with Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar. A story from CNBC confirmed the report and speculated that Biden deployed Burns in an attempt to negotiate an extension of troop withdrawals in Afghanistan.

CIA Director William Burns Secretly Met Up With Taliban Leader

When the CIA was asked for a comment regarding meeting the rogue organization, they (as always) decided to stay silent. The meeting between Burns and Baradar comes just a day after Secretary of State Antony Blinken confessed that the United States must ask the Taliban permission regarding expanding their presence outside of the Kabul airport.

The Clock Is Ticking on Biden Withdrawing Troops by August 31st

The William Burns trip to Afghanistan shows that the Biden administration is not in control of the situation in Afghanistan at all; now they are even feeling pressure from the Taliban. Biden formally announced that he would withdraw troops by August 31st, but it appears he’s not going to get close to meeting that deadline.

Senior Taliban leaders have even denied the idea of the United States extending their troop withdrawal by 24 hours. Normally, the Pentagon would just ignore such threats; however, since the Biden administration’s chaotic withdrawal left close to 10,000 Americans stranded within the country, it appears the Taliban has leverage against the United States.

Biden is expected to announce his decision on whether or not he will extend the troop withdrawal, but as of right now, the Pentagon is still waiting on a call.

The Military’s Biggest Threat Isn’t The Taliban, but Rather the Biden Administration

It’s a firm belief of many Americans that our great military has no greater enemy than Biden. As we have seen in the last week or so the problem hasn’t been our brave women and men on the ground; the problem resides in Washington D.C. and the Pentagon.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby, just hours after the Pfizer vaccine was approved by the FDA, announced that it will be mandatory for all military members to be vaccinated. The Pentagon’s announcement goes to show what their priorities are while thousands of Americans are stranded with no help from the U.S. government at all.

As of right now, the Pentagon is still in the works of creating guidance policies which will reveal the consequences of refusing the vaccine. Many believe that any soldier that denies the vaccine will be court-martialed and receive a dishonorable discharge or even worse, prison time.

Some Republican lawmakers are taking a stand for our heroes’ rights and have written a bill that would give soldiers the right to refuse. GOP Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky has written a bill called HR 3860. This bill would prohibit military members from being forced to take the jab, but with a House filled with Democrats, it’s a very low probability that the bill will pass.