CIA Files Obtained Via FOIA Reveal Staffers Committed Sex Crimes Against Children

Secret CIA files that were just released through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) expose the CIA once and for all. Buzzfeed News obtained buried CIA files via FOIA which reveal several CIA employees and contractors committed sexual crimes against children.

The Central Intelligence Agency’s latest declassified files openly admit that ten of their staffers/contractors committed sickening sex crimes against children.

You would think all ten staffers would be in jail; however, the reports in the CIA files show only one of the staffers was prosecuted. The other nine were either fired, resigned, or had their cases handled behind closed doors.

The CIA reportedly didn’t allow their employees to be prosecuted because they feared they would reveal top-secret information. So, essentially, it appears the CIA crimes are so bad they have to cover up child sex crimes in order to keep their secrets from being discovered.

More Details Regarding Newly Released Files

The crimes these former CIA staffers reportedly committed are completely stomach-churning. One staffer, in particular, sexually abused a two-year-old and later on a six-year-old.

His punishment was being fired from the CIA; however, he was never prosecuted or put on any kind of sex offender list. Another employee reportedly admitted he watched over 1,400 sexual images of children while working for the CIA.

CIA lawyers stated the cases were handled behind closed doors because if a CIA agent gets behind the stand in a criminal trial, then they might give up sensitive information.

The CIA’s lack of prosecution against their own shows the rogue agency has given their agents get out of jail free cards for heinous crimes.

The Pentagon’s Troubled Past on Sexual Crimes Involving Children

Way back in 2009, the DoD (Department of Defense) admitted over 20 Pentagon staffers’ contractors were in possession of sexual images of children.

A top Pentagon official in 2016 even stated when he examined staffer’s computers at the Pentagon, he was sickened by how much child porn he found.

The CIA’s trust has been decimated throughout the years; this is due to the agencies’ rogue actions. The Department of Defense, along with the CIA, planned to launch false flag events in American cities to justify a war against Cuba.

This was planned in an operation known as Northwoods. JFK was even approached by the DoD to go through with the plans; however, he didn’t give it his approval and ended up assassinated one year later.

In the 1990s, the CIA was even receiving backlash for importing crack cocaine into predominantly black neighborhoods. The agency should be abolished and the amount of tax dollars that get poured into the CIA so they can “protect” us is insane.

The only people the CIA is protecting are themselves and their actions show it.