Clinton Campaign Got Caught Spying on Trump

What used to be a conspiracy theory has come out as truth; Hillary Clinton’s campaign spied on Trump.

According to a filing from Special Counsel John Durham, attorneys with Hillary Clinton’s campaign team handed over money to a tech company.

This was done to connect to servers in Trump’s NYC Tower and, very soon after, even the White House. Clinton needed this done in order to create a false narrative to present to investigators, linking Trump to Russia.

On Feb. 11, John Durham filed a long-anticipated motion, focusing on various disputes of interest concerning attorney Michael Sussman. Sussman was officially charged with lying under oath to a federal investigator and entered a not guilty plea.

Sussman informed former FBI General Counsel James Baker last September. It was only less than a couple of months before the 2016 election that he was on the payroll “for any client,” according to the indictment.

More on the Investigation

Sussman assembled and relayed the charges to the FBI on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, according to Durham’s filing on Feb. 11.

Sussman’s billing records reveal he billed the Hillary Clinton’s campaign several times for his work on the Russian bank accusations, according to John Durham’s lawsuit.

Sussman and the head tech executive met and talked with another attorney who was acting as General Counsel for the Clinton campaign, according to the petition. Marc Elias, who also worked at the legal firm, is the lawyer, according to sources.

The Truth is All Coming Out

According to Durham’s filing, in mid-July 2016, the same Tech Executive collaborated with Sussman.

The Tech Executive likewise joined forces with several cyber investigators and staffers from several internet companies to “put together elaborate data and white papers.”

“Tech Executive enlisted the aid of researchers at a United States institution who were receiving and investigating huge amounts of internet information in conjunction with a prospective federal government contract,” according to the lawsuit.

“Tech Executive charged these researchers with mining internet data to construct a narrative connecting President Trump to Russia,” Durham noted.

According to Durham, the Tech Executive’s internet company had control over and maintained several servers for the White House. This was part of a sensitive relationship whereby it offered DNS services to the EOP.

“Tech Executive and several accomplices linked to him took advantage of the situation by mining the EOP’s DNS traffic and other data for negative material.”

With all these details being brought into the light, it’s extremely clear that the Clinton campaign was definitely up to shady business.

Moreover, Trump’s claims that Clinton and Obama spied on him ended up not being a conspiracy theory after all. The phrase “lock her up” might actually come to pass in the near future.