CNN Claims Welfare Work Requirements Are Offensive to Poor People

With CNN, the jokes practically write themselves.

While they’ve moved past fake news after Trump left the White House, to some degree at least, they’ve now begun making ridiculous claims unfit for a news outlet of their size.

Namely, the “most trusted name in news” stated recently imposed work requirements for welfare recipients are outright offensive to poor people. This is a testament to how detached from reality that left-leaning media really is.

Woke news outlets are at it again

The fact alone they’re against any sort of requirements for what’s practically free money awarded to these individuals is telling of CNN’s values, as well as the people running the company.

Last week, Kevin McCarthy and Sleepy Joe reached an agreement regarding the current debt ceiling battle between the two parties. While both sides got to a partial win, the libs couldn’t remain satisfied.

CNN decided to turn Sunday’s “State of the Union” into a comedy event, with the host Jake Tapper in charge of directing the hilarity that was to ensue.

It would’ve been fine if not for political commentator Ashley Allison’s bizarre claim that work requirements House Republicans called for were insulting to poor people.

At the very least, Allison did assure that SSA, Medicaid, and Medicare have all remained untouched, which is the only truthful thing that came out of her mouth that night.

Dems are creating millions of slaves to the system

Even if we were to assume Allison was right in her bold claim that work requirements are offensive to those who don’t want to work because work is hard, a couple of things just don’t sit right.

Why would anyone approve of someone choosing not to work, even if they’re perfectly capable of doing so, while the rest of us have to get a real job to support our families and keep food on the table?

Working for a living isn’t some foreign concept that was made up for the sake of forcing people into employment. It’s been around forever. Anyone who didn’t inherit their financial independence has to go through it or leech off of federal welfare for the rest of their life.

At the end of the day, Democrats will do just about anything to stay in power, even if it includes wasting billions of dollars to create entire generations of unemployable Americans.