CNN’s Chris Cuomo Gets Fired!

It appears Mr. Cancel Culture himself has been canceled! Chris Cuomo, the host of Cuomo Prime Time, has officially been fired.

Cuomo’s firing comes just days after he was suspended indefinitely, following documents from the New York attorney general’s office showing he attempted to help his brother cover up sexual assault allegations.

CNN made the official announcement through their PR teams and stated Cuomo was being terminated over newfound evidence in Cuomo’s attempt to defend his brother from sexual assault allegations.

Cuomo’s show had the highest rating on CNN; now, the network has to find his replacement. It will be interesting to see which woke person will be taking Cuomo’s time slot.

More Details Regarding Chris Cuomo’s Termination

CNN hired its own private law firm to investigate Cuomo’s text messages to Governor Andrew Cuomo. Apparently, what Chris said in those messages was really bad since CNN let their number one news anchor go.

CNN is a few months late because they should’ve terminated Cuomo when he refused to abide by journalistic rules. Nobody should feel bad for Cuomo. On TV, he seems calm and collected, but when he’s off the screen, he’s full of anger and portrays himself as a tough guy.

A video that was released a few months ago shows him raging against a man who called him “Fredo,” a character in The Godfather. Cuomo went as far as saying he was going to assault the man and even stated he was going to throw him down some stairs.

Cuomo also infamously verbally attacked a man outside of his New York home while he was supposed to be at his home in quarantine. At the previous network Cuomo was employed by, a co-worker accused him of sexual harassment.

However, Chris Cuomo was never formally charged or fired for those actions.

Brian Stelter Even Calls Out Cuomo

It appears CNN host Brian Stelter is looking at taking Chris Cuomo’s time slot very soon. CNN anchor Jim Acosta was the first to break the news live on air.

Acosta then invited CNN host Brian Stelter to give details on Cuomo’s firing. Now, it appears Stelter had a previous problem with Cuomo and is finally speaking out against him.

Stelter read CNN’s official statement. He also said it wasn’t the first time Cuomo violated the journalistic code of ethics. He then went on to continue to air out Cuomo’s dirty laundry, signifying the woke mob will sacrifice one of their own to protect their image.

More than likely, Chris Cuomo is going to sit on the sidelines. Then, after some time has passed, the now-former CNN news anchor will likely get right back into the spotlight when everybody forgets about what he has done.