Colorado Art Teacher Deceives Student into Attending Gender Identity Meeting

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A 12-year-old girl at a Colorado middle school was invited to an “art meeting” by her teacher, only for it to quickly turn into a gender identity support group.

The group was put together to inform the girl that “she’s transgender” if she’s not 100% comfortable in her body.

Thankfully, this horrific event reached the Parents Defending Education committee.

They found out the teacher in question, Jenna Riep, instantly handed the student transsexual paraphernalia the moment she adopted the idea of being trans.

“Trans Solidarity Rally and March 55401” by Ted Eytan

The radical left employs underhanded strategies

Currently, it’s known that this kind of activism traced back to SPLASH Youth, an LGBT organization.

It aims to present these transgender concepts to children as young as five, with this specific branch of theirs aptly named SKITTLES.

Furthermore, the guest speaker at the session, Kimberly Chambers, who is also the director of the Splash Colorado chapter, as well as a substitute teacher, went on to encourage more students to attend these meetings.

She was even leading them to lie to their parents in order to gain attendance.

If this wasn’t enough, the “meeting,” as some would call these predatory series of activities, included these grown men and women.

They were asking children to whom they’re sexually attracted, with the activity in question being called “genderbread person.”

Unfortunately, despite the fact police were called on account of sexual abuse, they had no power, due to there being no recorded evidence of body part exposure or physical touch.

Maintaining a breach-free environment

In a series of emails obtained by the aforementioned PDE, an altercation between Chambers and Riep was discovered.

The thematic was the “safe space” fallout, with Chambers being the main culprit, asking the e-mail recipients to remind their students not to share the names of the other attendees.

On the other hand, Reip was looking for ways to create an “airlock”, which would prevent such breaches of privacy from happening again, adhering to the Equal Access Act.

This provides that parents don’t have to approve club or activity participation. Naturally, the LGBT community loves to skew any policy or law, so long as it’s in their favor.

They are often resorting to methods that wouldn’t fly for other organizations, but do for them, simply for their background.

It’d be an outrage if some other organization encouraged students to keep whatever they hear in the meetings to themselves, while also being encouraged to share what they learn with everyone.

If taken out of context (it works in context too, honestly) this is near-terrorist behavior.

This is further amplified by the fact these LGBT nonprofits are preying on young, pliable minds, a feat that even some actually dangerous organizations wouldn’t sink to.