Comedian Bill Maher Deconstructs Democrats’ Lack of Commitment

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During his Friday show, famous comedian Bill Maher touched on the Democrat Party’s loss of voters, stating in the end, it all boils down to who has better lawyers, referencing the recent Heard vs. Depp defamation case.

He then listed a dozen liberal policies the left’s pushed in recent years, starting with illegal immigration all the way to student loan forgiveness.

While the latter does ease the load on the workforce still in debt for their college education, it creates a bottomless hole in the US economy; it’s exactly what’s driving supporters away.

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Despite his “cancellation”, Maher still presses on

Maher added if Johnny Depp’s trial should’ve taught us anything, it’s that a good lawyer is priceless; he draws that exact tangent between the court and congressional representation.

Maher then went on to misquote the opening of the hit TV series “Law and Order,” claiming the American political system is run by two opposing, yet equally stupid groups.

Maher said the only thing Democrats have done in the past couple of years is pit minorities against one another.

One of the reasons for his beliefs is the fact that Congresswoman Mayra Flores won Texas’ June 15th special election, flipping a seat that went to Democrats for a long time.

For this, Maher blames Democrats’ lax stance on illegal immigration, which reaches all the way to President Biden.

Biden let the border crisis spiral out of control, only to announce he’ll be paying upwards of $140k to these illegal aliens.

Even the Latino community isn’t on board with “Latinx”

Even the Democrat loser’s campaign manager was left baffled, stating they’ve given up a Democratic congressional seat for no good reason.

Maher explained voters no longer see the Democrat candidate as their “lawyer.” No law-abiding citizen is too happy to welcome tens of thousands of financial parasites in the country they’ve given blood, sweat, and tears to help stay afloat.

After the border topic, Maher smoothly segued into the “Latinx” discourse, criticizing the massive usage of the term that even the Hispanic community doesn’t approve of.

Naturally, whenever this is brought up, everyone’s favorite AOC shows up to virtue signal, repeating the absurd mnemonic “Gender is fluid. Language is fluid.”

What this brought on was a massive increase in Hispanic individuals opting for the Republican Party instead. The Asian community is following suit since Democrats are pushing for the removal of advanced programs from school.

According to their narrative, it makes black and brown children “uncomfortable,” so much so that they’ve even pushed for race-based grading systems in American schools, cementing the idea that equality was never actually a goal.

Maher applied the same “lawyer concept” to these situations, pointing out in a majority of blue cities and states, our nation’s knowledge-hungry youth had to endure at least a month more than necessary home lockdowns.