Commie Climate Militants Openly Terrorize Major Western Nation

Thug gangs of Marxist-Communist climate militants have started to openly terrorize Germany, the second-largest western nation after the United States.

They’re doing this by showing up with jackhammers to destroy significant highways in the German capital Berlin.

They Are Already Crushing Highways

Mobs of climate thugs already rampaged Berlin’s streets on New Year’s Eve demanding “climate action.”

The climate extremists are from a group called “Last Generation,” and they have promised to keep “disrupting everyday life” in Germany, state-run TV DW reported, as cited by Legal Insurrection.

“Last Generation” thugs attacked the German Transport Ministry in downtown Berlin and tried to break the road in front of its building with “heavy-duty jackhammers.”

According to Der Tagesspiegel daily, on Wednesday, the climate communist thugs even blockaded Berlin’s entire City highway system.

On Friday, the Last Generation terrorists were joined by other lefty activists from the Fridays for Future group inspired by Swedish personality Greta Thunberg.

The radicalization of the far-left climate protests in Germany comes in the wake of a decision by a similar group in Britain – Extinction Rebellion UK – to put an end to “riotous protests.”

As the Last Generation members blockaded the German capital in order to achieve “greater climate action and awareness” of the public and the government, they were counteracted by riot police measures to contain the unruly behavior.

As early as 8 am local time on Wednesday, the Last Generation environmentalist group erected barriers on the Invalidenstrasse, close to the German Museum of Natural History, blocking one of the lanes.



Far-Left Collectivist Agenda

A spokesperson of the Berlin police later announced law enforcement officers had taken proper action and managed to prevent the climate activists from vandalizing the street at Germany’s Ministry of Transport.

The police stopped the climate terrorists from employing the jackhammers they had brought with them. Meanwhile, the Last Generation group wrote on Twitter that humanity is going to “climate hell” by way of “freshly tarred and paved roads.”

It insisted it couldn’t allow that to happen and 2022 was only the “beginning” of its violent protests.

Last Generation members were highly active over the past year, including by invading airport runways, gluing themselves to highways, and splashing paint on museum artifacts to promote their climate change activism.

The tactic of climate thugs gluing themselves to pavement or museum exhibits, such as classical paintings, became so widespread that the German police revealed they used about $1,600 in taxpayer money to remove only one activist who glued themselves.

In December, the Last Generation group also managed to glue themselves to the tarmacs at the airports in Berlin and Munich, causing enormous air traffic disruptions.

Last Generation is Europe-based, and it propagates a far-left collectivist agenda. It also has a chapter in the United States. Its thugs claim that humanity has the choice between “collective suicide or collective action.”

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.