Communist Antifa Thugs Get Heavily Armed to Guard Drag Show For Kids

(Social media video snapshot)

Far-left fascist and communist thugs from Antifa have taken their defiance of the laws and values of the United States to a new level.

A group of them showed up heavily armed with AR-15 rifles in order to “guard” a drag show exposing young children to vile transgenderism while outraged local residents gathered to protest the event.

Far Left Seeking to Dominate America

While riot police in a number of American cities are managing to reign in violent outbursts of Antifa thugs seeking to terrorize law-abiding Christian, patriotic, and conservative Americans, Antifa appears more impudent on the watch of Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden.

The rise of modern-day Marxism-Communism has become most visible in the apparently unyielding march of its two main ideological subdivisions: wokeism and transgenderism.

The issue of transgenderism and the gender ideology targeting innocent American children is becoming more and more acute.

It’s targeting even toddlers and babies to get them to make up a “gender” and “transition,” oftentimes leaving them maimed for life in the sex change process.

Some of the most shockingly overt demonstrations of have been “drag queen shows for children” held across the country. Transgenderist propagandists are trying to normalize and even sanctify both the sexualization of kids and the sex changing or “transitioning.”

(Social media video snapshot)

Antifa Fascists Flaunt Their Rifles

On Sunday, a group of at least a dozen heavily armed Antifa fascists showed up, flaunting AR-15 rifles to “protect” a drag show for children in Roanoke, Texas.

About 20 minor children were victimized as they were made by their communist teachers to watch scantily dressed men claiming to be women – or some other “gender” – stage a twisted performance for them.

Outraged by the perverted brainwashing of the children, members of the local community, along with patriotic and conservative groups, showed up at 1:00 pm for a protest rally at the drag show venue, the Anderson Distillery and Grill, The Daily Mail reported.

The protesters, however, were met by unabashed far-left fascist and communist “guards” from Antifa, armed with semi-automatic rifles.

A verbal exchange between the two opposing groups – the protesters on one side and the anti-American thugs on the other – was caught on video footage by a local reporter.

The report said the protesters included members of the right-wing group, Proud Boys, who also came armed to the anti-transgenderist rally.

The groups whose members showed up to defend America’s children from the left’s “toxic, indoctrinating agenda,” as one of them put it on its website, included “Protect Texas Kids” and “Texas Family Project.”

The local police department is quoted as saying it didn’t make any arrests during the face-off, noting it ended without violence.

With the Antifa fascists now flashing their rifles so brazenly, however, chances are the next such face-off – wherever in America it may occur – may not end so peacefully.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.