Communist China States “White Supremacist” Are Bullying Anti-Lab Leak Scientists

The CCP’s latest statement is just pure hypocrisy.

China’s leaders have been adamant that there should be a full investigation on whether the COVID-19 pandemic started in the United States or not. They have been in full defense mode whenever anyone points at the fact that the COVID-19 virus started from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Well now the Global Times, which is owned by the Communist State of China, has reported that “right-wing extremists” are pressuring scientists to stop suggesting that the COVID-19 virus came from an animal transmission. According to Sky News, the Global Times even took a step further and stated that an unnamed Australian scientist faced death threats from “white supremacists”.

The Global Times even attempted to protect Dr. Fauci, claiming that he’s faced unnecessary backlash for stating that the COVID-19 virus origins come from an animal transmission. It’s interesting that the Global Times didn’t mention anything about Dr. Fauci lying about his knowledge of gain of function research happening in China.

Most of the mainstream media in the United States also called the lab leak theory a conspiracy theory that is being spread by right-wing extremists; however, those same outlets have changed their tune ever since even Biden issued an investigation into the COVID-19 lab leak theory.

The CCP’s Rhetoric Sounds Very Familiar

All throughout President Trump’s term, he was called a “white supremacist fascist” and his supporters were called right-wing extremists.

When Trump shut down flights coming in from China at the start of the pandemic, he was also called xenophobic. It’s amazing how the far-left media and the communist-owned media outlets sound almost identical.

The Hypocrisy of China Calling Americans White Supremacist’s

It’s almost laughable that the CCP would call journalists who are exposing the truth “white supremacists”.

China has a long history of human rights violations against ethnic minorities in their own country that needs to be dealt with; therefore, the fact that they are calling people racist is pure hypocrisy. A report that was released by the UN revealed that China has been harvesting organs from Tibetans, Muslims, Falun Gong practitioners, and Christians.

Investigators for the UN also confirmed that the CCP would harvest organs from ethnic and religious minorities while they were still alive. Those organs included kidneys, hearts, eyes, and the liver. China has touted that they have a “zero racism policy,” but their actions speak louder.

The Bible says “he who’s without sin should cast the first stone.” As such, China is far from having a perfect record when it comes to human rights violations, so they should just remain silent.