Communist Chinese Spies Busted Trying To Enter US Military Base

The threat from Communist China has been almost completely ignored by everyone except former President Trump.

While America’s blood and treasure is spent around the world by treasonous globalists to enrich themselves and play geopolitical games, China has been growing its strength.

Now, the true threat of spying and infiltration from China is being exposed as reports come out of Chinese spies breaking into US military bases.

Repeated Infiltration Including At Fort Wainwright

Reports are now coming out about Chinese spies pretending to be tourists who have entered various military bases.

In a particularly shocking incident, a vehicle of Chinese “tourists” drove straight past the checkpoint at Fort Wainwright in Alaska.

Soldiers apprehended the vehicle after it had entered and found these “tourists” with a spy drone. The “tourists” said they’d just gotten lost.

Fort Wainwright has a lot of important military tech and is the closest large US base to Russia.

Defense Department Speaks Out

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks has spoken out about these infiltrations, saying America takes the “security” of its bases and personnel “very seriously.”

Hicks said the risk of “intrusion” is well known by the Pentagon. It takes many “measures,” including collaboration with local law enforcement, to stop it.

On the heels of the large Chinese spy balloon shot down after traveling for a week, this looks a lot like China gaining the upper hand.

The Bottom Line

The FBI says it investigates new Chinese spying attempts approximately every 12 hours.

With Russia in Ukraine and China poised to invade Taiwan sooner or later, America needs to step up its efforts to stop enemies from getting any intel.

These bases must be more highly protected and Chinese spies need to be rooted out of the Department of Defense, as well as American government and academia.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.