Company Launches Uterus-shaped Cereal, Aims to Promote Period Talk

"Cereal" by J. Annie Wang

A launch of a womb-shaped cereal brand is underway.

The company behind the project, Intimina, claims it’s integral to removing the taboo surrounding menstrual cycles and other puberty-induced changes to a woman’s body.

While the idea is definitely a step in the right direction, their heart isn’t in the right place.

Watching your child pour milk over a bowl full of crunchy blood-red uteruses is the last thing anyone would want to be greeted with in the morning.

“Cereal Aisle” by Rex Roof

Common sense gets thrown out the window

Furthermore, despite the company’s claims the cereal’s shape is modeled after the uterus, it actually resembles the entire female reproductive system.

This is a very distasteful PR stunt that’s hopefully never actually going to reach store shelves.

However, if you wish to receive a box of this raspberry goodness, you can contact the Swedish company behind the project.

They’ll mail it out to you; although we don’t guarantee your child will be too happy with the substitute you’d found for Cap’n Crunch.

A small-group survey of 2,000 people conducted by Intimina showed nearly 50% of girls and women are too embarrassed to talk about their menstrual cycles.

While the topic should be encouraged in the mother-daughter relationship, it doesn’t belong at the dining table.

The company claims that the stigma surrounding periods often causes girls to become the targets of bullying at school.

What’s next? Condom ads on Cheetos?

Naturally, nothing can erase the scars that bullying inflicts on a feeble young mind.

This is why the school disciplinary system needs reform, rather than normalizing conversations about periods and women’s menstrual cycles where the topic is often out of place.

Daniela Zagar of Intimina, on the other hand, believes these conversations should be no different from the ones families already have over lunch and dinner.

This is further denoted by the fact the cereal box in question has a detailed illustration of the female reproductive system on the back.

Once again, left-wing corporations and media are trying to normalize these absurd things, as if the education system isn’t already doing its best to teach the nation’s finest about their bodies.

This has, in recent times, become yet another target for the woke crowd to push their narrative onto these young boys and girls.

Some professionals weighed in on the matter too, with Dr. Shree Datta claiming Intimina’s actions should be considered revolutionary in the field.

Datta said she’s looking forward to the cereal, aptly named Period Crunch, raising awareness of the stigma around menstrual cycles.

While periods are definitely a part of what defines women and apply to all of them, there’s a certain threshold of poor taste that mustn’t be crossed.

Raspberry flavored cereal shaped like a uterus that turns the milk red is way too high on that scale to ever be a real thing.