Congress Finally Adding Updates to a Key Surveillance Law

There’s no doubt the FBI has been showing a lot of activity lately. With all the targeted investigations they’ve been doing, one could easily assume a single entity is controlling its actions.

After years of the agency abusing the American people for the sake of someone else’s agenda, Congress has embarked on a bipartisan effort to add updates to a surveillance law. This would serve as another layer of protection for our civil liberties.

Your privacy might be safe once again

At the time, the law gives the government access to phone records and counterintelligence probes, so long as the suspect is labeled for domestic terrorism. This has raised several concerns in recent years, more specifically, since Biden’s been in office.

Even though it’s been up for dispute several times, including when Trump’s presidential campaign was targeted on account of suspicions he’d been colluding with the Russians, the law continued receiving updates.

However, if you look at the law’s most recent renewals, you’ll notice there are dozens of reports of agencies reaching a bit too far, with one of the probes they’d conducted even targeting a sitting member of Congress.

This is exactly what led lawmakers to make some significant changes to the law this year when it expires. The House Intelligence Committee’s bipartisan group will be in charge of generating the suggested changes.

A law that once served to protect Americans now turned against them

Despite the law’s limitations, some have still chosen to disobey it and launch probes that breach the safeguards put in place by the law’s previous renewals.

Both the FBI and other intel agencies have abused the information they were able to obtain. Rep. Austin Scott believes there should be repercussions for those who choose to misuse the information they were trusted with.

Scott outlined the coming changes to the law, explaining the committee is planning on defining exactly who in the government has access to these databases. That comes along with who’s required to sign off on the warrantless surveillance that’s been happening without anyone’s approval recently.

On top of this, he plans to add lawyers to this process, which would make it possible to defend the rights of the Americans being surveilled without knowing.

He believes there will be a broad bipartisan agreement regarding the addition of lawyers to this surveillance process. While it may not be uniform, anyone looking to protect the rights of the American people would agree with this.