Conservative New Jersey Truck Driver Forces Leftist Senator to Eat Humble Pie

This is just glorious! A conservative truck driver (with only a few hundred dollars in campaign funding) is on the verge of unseating liberal New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney. 

With the surprise victory of Republican Glenn Youngkin Tuesday night in Virginia, these are some great days for conservatives. 

Sweeney has actually been heading the NJ Senate for the longest of anyone in the entire state’s history. Now, he’s about to be kicked to the curb like yesterday’s garbage. 

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say a conservative revolution is taking place in America, even in blue states like New Jersey. 

What Do the Polls Say?

Currently, the polls say Durr is more than 2,000 votes ahead of Sweeney in the third legislative district of New Jersey. If Sweeney gets booted, it would overturn New Jersey’s political scene like no time in history. 

This would put the state Senate fully up for grabs and make it possible for Republicans to obtain control. Democrats are losing all over the country and there’s no better example than New Jersey. 

Stadiums full of people have been chanting Let’s Go Brandon! (and that includes in the Garden State where Biden’s popularity has plummeted.) 

The Democrats are bleeding New Jersey Senate seats like crazy. They’re also currently on track to have such a slim majority that they begin to lose their iron-fisted grip on the blue state. 

This is Great News for Patriots

It’s not just Durr who’s on track to humiliate the Democrats in New Jersey. All over the state, Democrats are getting trounced, including in the 2nd district, 16th district, and more. 

In the 2nd, a Republican won by over 10 points, while in the 16th, a Democrat has also been unseated by a Republican. 

There are more examples, including State Representative Michael Pappas, who is about to beat a Democrat to take over the seat of Christopher Bateman. This is all very good news for conservatives who love America and don’t want to see blue states slide into communism. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is there’s still hope. Durr’s run to toss Sweeney out of his top spot is heartening news. This should be encouraging to all patriots and folks who are stuck in blue states.

The wide-open borders, the humiliation of our troops, staggering Biden-flation, and reckless insanity in our schools and hospitals can’t continue forever. 

Patriots are waking up and taking notice. They’re growing in numbers across the country, including in blue states like New Jersey, and they don’t want to hear any more of Democrats’ lies. 

Let’s go Durr! Let’s Go Brandon! Let’s take this great America back from the socialists who want to rip it to shreds. The people have spoken.