Covert Communists Teach Wokeness to Kids in GOP-Led State

Marxist-Communist Democratic teachers have secretly taken over the education of children in the otherwise heavily pro-Republican state of Indiana.

They are brainwashing innocent souls into hating America with woke “critical race theory” (CRT) and “diversity, equity, inclusion” (DEI) ideologies, an undercover report revealed.

They’re Happily Working for America’s Destruction

These dangerous ideas are increasingly invading the United States, having already practically conquered the Democratic Party from the inside.

While conservatives, Republicans, and all true American patriots are resisting the hellish onslaught, there are alarming revelations showing that the evil progressives have gone further and deeper than anyone could have thought.

Thus, an Accuracy in Media (AIM) undercover report from Indiana shows that educators in the state are secretly pushing CRT, DEI, and other communist ideas upon the youth – and are even bragging about it.

A hidden camera interview with Laura Delvecchio, the assistant superintendent of the Plainfield Community School Corporation, shockingly reveals how the woke educators “stay under the radar.”

Delvecchio reveals that educators are teaching CRT disguised as “Social Emotional Learning” (SEL) covertly – and would like it to remain so.

At the same time, another school official, Elkhart’s assistant superintendent, Brad Sheppard, unwittingly told AIM’s investigators that Indiana parents are starting to realize that the teaching of SEL is just a euphemism for CRT.

He insisted that the evil-doers have to increasingly “avoid the words” and the labels.

The Only Solution?

Sheppard argued that SEL, which includes evil DEI and CRT ideas, was getting easily incorporated into subjects such as language arts.

He bragged that communist educators no longer mention SEL, but they are “still doing it.” Similar comments came from the assistant superintendent of Goshen Community Schools, Tracey Noe.

Additional comments from other Indiana educators filmed secretly in the report paint an even bleaker picture of communist infiltration.

The report concludes that laws adopted by a Republican-led legislature don’t matter since the Marxist educators are doing as they please. They are brainwashing kids against “white privilege” and other abominable ideas seeking America’s destruction.

The report’s authors believe the only remedy is to boost school choice, so as to allow parents the option of moving their children if they find far-left propaganda.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.