Cowboys Form a Convoy in Canada for Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protests

The trucker convoy happening in Canada is still going strong; now, they even have some company. Over 300 men and women were seen on horseback protesting vaccine mandates in Coutts, Alberta.

Truckers, cowboys, and others have all come to Coutts, Alberta, due to the fact it’s an international border crossing that leads to the state of Montana.

Truckers have filled up all traffic lanes, except one, in order to slow down all delivery of goods. This has pushed lawmakers in Alberta to act swiftly on the truckers’ demands of ending vaccine mandates.

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Alberta’s Jason Kenney has gone on record, saying lawmakers are taking the truckers in Alberta very seriously.

Therefore, they are moving towards lifting vaccine passports for truckers who cross the border internationally. The border crossing in Alberta is essential, due to the fact it’s the only 24-hour border crossing in Alberta.

Although Keney has made these claims, truckers are not buying into his rhetoric; many have said they will stay put for months until all restrictions are lifted in Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Response

As the massive protests and convoys were ongoing in Ottawa and other parts of Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went missing.

After several days of protests, Trudeau released a statement, claiming protesters were racist and hateful mobs of unlawful rioters. Trudeau’s comments upset many Canadians and led to even more protests in support of the truckers.

After releasing a statement condemning the cowboys, Trudeau would go on to test positive for COVID-19 and release a video recording of himself encouraging people to get vaccinated.

Trudeau was tripped vaccinated against COVID-19 but it appears it didn’t help at all.

Many people are wondering how long the protests will last, considering many of these truckers are sacrificing everything in order to protest for their freedoms.

In response, mass donations campaigns have begun and one of those campaigns was on GoFundMe. At one point on GoFundMe, the truckers’ convoy page received over $8 million USD. However, the page has since been taken down by GoFundMe for violating the site’s policies.

Many people have called out GoFundMe, including the world’s richest man and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk. Musk was quoted saying there’s a double standard when it comes to which groups can receive donations and which ones cannot.

Musk was referring to an AntiFa group receiving funds through GoFundMe in 2020.

Now, people who are looking to donate are going to GiveSendGo, which is a more friendly donation site that doesn’t censor and persecute conservative or Christian voices.

These truckers are in it for the long haul; if Trudeau continues to hide, then Canada will have a supply chain shortage that will rock the country desperately.