Criticism For Transportation Secretary Rising Amid Train Derailment

Earlier this month, East Palestine, Ohio suffered severe problems when a train not only veered off track, but also spilled dangerous chemicals. These chemicals have not only contaminated the air and killed off wildlife, but they’ve also spilled into the community’s water supply.

Right now, much work is being done to patch things up for Ohio, especially for residents who were directly impacted by this. However, US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg remains under fire amid all of the commotions.

Some Americans have pointed out this is yet another disaster to happen on the Transportation Secretary’s watch. Buttigieg is also under fire for waiting what many Americans have deemed to be too long before actually visiting East Palestine.

Though as the backlash rises, a representative for the Transportation Secretary is also taking heat, according to New York Post.

Adding Fuel to the Fire?

While in East Palestine, Buttigieg was questioned about the 2.5 weeks that passed ahead of his arrival to the Ohio community. This is when a press aide intervened on behalf of the Transportation Secretary, stating she could answer the questions being asked.

As Buttigieg kept walking away, Kerry Arndt, his press secretary, stated that she was fine with responding to inquiries, but didn’t want to do so while on camera.

However, when the reporter made it clear that talking off-camera wasn’t an option, Arndt accused the reporter of being “aggressive.” This is not the first time Buttigieg’s press secretary has stated she didn’t want to be on camera amid answering questions form reporters.

Though the refusal to reply to queries with the cameras rolling, both on the ends of the Transportation Secretary and his press secretary, only furthered criticism of them not treating this issue seriously enough.

Further Criticism of the Biden Administration

As it stands today, Transportation Secretary Buttigieg and his aides are not the only members of the Biden administration who are taking heat.

In fact, last week, Biden himself came under fire for visiting Ukraine on Presidents Day, rather than going to East Palestine to show support for US citizens who are having a hard time.

So far, it remains to be seen when the president will take time to visit East Palestine. Buttigieg, meanwhile, is definitely not winning over Americans who believe his response to what happened could have been better and more appropriately timed.

In the meantime, East Palestine has a long road ahead until it returns to where it was prior to February 3.

What do you think about the backlash that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is facing over his reaction to the train derailment in Ohio earlier this month? You can let us know in the comments area what you presume comes next for Buttigieg.