Dallas Police Remove Minors From a Gay Bar

"Drag show" by James Brooks

If you look back a couple of years, you’ll remember how Republicans were publicly shamed for claiming the LGBT community’s goals, among others, included the sexualization of children.

However, the nightmare has become a reality in 2022, since the community has strong ties and pulls on liberal politics.

A secretly recorded piece of footage was leaked late last week, showing the inside of a gay bar in Dallas, TX.

It was hosting a “family-friendly” drag night where children of all ages were allowed to enter.

“IMG_0255” by Steve Baker

The left is sexualizing children yet again

I’m no expert, but it doesn’t take a lot to figure out there are at least a dozen things wrong with a bunch of kids watching a grown man wearing women’s clothes strip down to little more than his birthday suit.

If that wasn’t enough, the kids were encouraged to hand the men “performing” some dollar bills, as one would in an actual 18+ strip club.

This is even worse if we factor in that one of the strippers at the venue is known for promoting and selling sexual content on the website whose name rhymes with “lonely pans.”

The children then danced with the transvestites in question.

Meanwhile, a red neon light shone from the sign above that read “It’s not gonna lick itself,” prompting quite the backlash from Twitter, even among the LGBT crowd.

Andy Ngo, a conservative journalist and member of the LGBT community, reported from the scene, only to be wrongly accused of calling some of the performers “disgusting” during his previous reports.

The police force aids in stopping the event

Naturally, the radical left saw nothing wrong with this.

They weren’t shy to confront the protesters standing outside the bar, even attacking one African-American individual who showed up to protect the nation’s youngest from this predatory behavior.

After some complaints to the local police department, a sizeable amount of police officers showed up at the venue to remove the children from this inherently 18+ environment.

Although, it was later found they’d also been sent in as a form of crowd control.

After the children and their deranged parents who brought them to the event were removed, the owner was fined and is likely facing a lawsuit in the near future.

However, that’s not the story the news will tell you.

The local ABC News outlet in Dallas reported the dystopian happening as a “family-friendly drag show,” almost as if the past century hasn’t solidified the idea that drag shows always have a sexual connotation.

This means the last thing a bunch of men dancing in women’s clothes can be called is “family-friendly.”

If you see nothing wrong with children attending shows like this, it’s a clear-cut way of saying you’re perfectly fine with the sexualization of children in the US and the rest of the world.