Deadly Crashed Involving Truck of Migrants Results in 55 Dead

The Blaze just reported a tractor-trailer filled with migrants from Central America crashed in Mexico. This crash resulted in 55 migrants being killed and another 100 being severely injured.

The accident took place in Mexico, but most of the migrants who were inside of the trailer were from Honduras and Guatemala. The tractor-trailer was eventually on its way to come to the United States.

The deadly crash occurred when the truck ran full speed into a steel beam connected to a bridge, which resulted in the trailer being flipped over.

More Details on the Crash

Medical personnel and police officers who arrived on the scene stated the majority of migrants had no visible wounds or broken bones. Instead, the majority of them died by asphyxiation. This was due to the fact there were hundreds of bodies laying on top of each other.

The driver of the truck immediately fled the scene and is still on the run. A survivor of the crash stated, ‘God kept him safe,’ and said he survived only because he was in the middle of the pack.

The majority of those who were severely injured or found dead were sitting against the side of the trailer. Due to the Biden’s administration poor stance on the border crisis, tragic events like this are unfortunately happening.

Currently, migrants believe all they have to do is walk right through the border and receive a meal ticket for life.

Not the First Time a Major Crash Involving Immigrants Happened

In March, an SUV filled with close to 25 passengers drove in front of a tractor-trailer, and with no time to respond, the tractor-trailer collided with the SUV.

The crash occurred in California, close to the U.S.-Mexico border, and it’s reported that 13 people were killed in the crash. The driver of the SUV was pronounced dead on the scene.

The truck driver was able to survive, but did receive some injuries. As you can imagine, the scene was very graphic, with mangled bodies and blood everywhere. Some passengers were ejected from the vehicles and their bodies were found lifeless near the side of the road.

It was suspected the passengers in the vehicle crossed the border illegally, earlier in the morning. They were thought to have only been in the United States for a few short hours before they lost their lives.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues to act as if they care for undocumented immigrants. Yet, in reality, if they really cared for them, the White House would make sure these dangerous acts of human smuggling never occurred.

Both of these crashes prove human smuggling is not worth the risk, no matter what America has to offer. Financial freedom is not worth your soul.