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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Heather Mac Donald, Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author of The Diversity Delusion. Heather gives her thoughts on everything from Trump to issues like secular conservatism. Is the drive for diversity undermining American culture? Is the extreme focus on race and gender diversity, harming society and making us more divided? Heather tackles these difficult subjects and more. Heather discusses her experience being an atheist conservative and how empirical observations guide her to support traditional values. She sees God as just a way of delaying ignorance to the bigger metaphysical questions of life. While she may agree with Jewish conservatives like Dennis Prager and Michael Medved on policy, she does not agree that one needs to hold Judeo-Christian beliefs to arrive at the same set of values.
Heather also shares evidence of how laws with the best intentions pushed by racial and social justice activists, particularly those in California like Prop 47, may actually be increasing rates of crime in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Heather expresses her concerns about the destruction of social norms in seemingly mundane things like turnstile jumping in the NYC subway. In New York, fare evaders have cost the city hundreds of millions of dollars. Yet politicians like AOC encourage behavior like this when they suggest that people should not be arrested for fare evasion. Heather shares why enforcing small crime matters and how it was Rudy Giuliani’s enforcement of the broken windows theory that led to a major decline in crime in NYC in the 1990s.
Heather also thinks that a better defense of capitalism, meritocracy and entrepreneurship must be made to save Western Civilization from the threat of identity politics. Heather makes the argument that the social justice arguments concerning systemic discrimination made by people like Michelle Alexander and Ta-Nehisi Coates can only be defeated by countering the myths concerning bias. She uses examples of institutions without gatekeepers like Wikipedia, Scrabble, and Jeopardy to illustrate how disparities in gender or race are not proof of discrimination. She also shares her concerns in the erosion of meritocratic standards in places like New York’s Stuyvesant High School by Mayor Bill de Blasio. All this and more.

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