Delusional Men’s Magazine GQ Celebrates AOC “Heroism”

Once again, the “woke” media has begun pandering to the beacon of absurdity, that being Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic congresswoman who lives to demonize the right, even if it means making a fool out of herself.

In the latest issue of the monthly men’s magazine GQ, AOC was pressed on her opinions about America’s “patriarchal ways,” the chance she could run for president, and even her personal life, with her comments on the latter being the cherry on the cake.

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“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @ SXSW 2019” by nrkbeta

Diversity, but not in her relationships

Apparently, AOC isn’t exactly convinced she and her fiance have a future together, largely due to her being a Puerto Rican, whereas he’s just another white man.

Unfortunately, the “woke” left is adamant about giving AOC the platform to spread her agenda, having recently dubbed her the “socialist superstar” of the US and claimed she’s a revolutionary who will ascend to the throne of the progressive movement.

During the interview, GQ magazine did their best to paint AOC as a hero after her involvement in the Roe v. Wade overturn protests outside the Supreme Court.

They completely omitted the fact she held her uncuffed hands behind her back while she was led away by a police officer.

When asked why she chose to join these protests, AOC said she felt the need to show people some officials actually “give a sh*t” about them, even though she practically never stepped down from her high horse.

AOC publicly chastises her interracial relationship

Hilariously enough, it didn’t stop with the stage play of an arrest at the Supreme Court. GQ continued painting AOC as the superhero she isn’t, adding she was “sexually harassed” only a couple of days earlier by a conservative comedian.

According to AOC, if no one was there to protect her, she would’ve “decked” him herself. Yet, here we are, forced to listen to the left’s claims that the right-leaning crowd and officials are the ones inciting violence.

After the wild claims of sexual harassment, GQ applauded AOC for her constant battle against misogyny and racism in the workplace, almost as if she wasn’t the loudest and probably the most ignorant member of Congress.

Despite all her talk about diversity, AOC just can’t seem to get the formula right when it comes to her own private life. She stated an intercultural and interracial relationship might not be the right fit for her.

Much to no one’s surprise, this means Ocasio-Cortez is willing to put her white fiance in the limelight just to push some sort of “woke” agenda, even if it goes against everything the movement stands for.

In the end, all of this is pretty standard stuff for AOC. If she continues at this pace, it’ll be a hot minute before she ends up contradicting herself and her “wokeness” once again.