Dem DA Goes Easy on Gang Murderers of 5-Year-Old Girl

The vicious anti-American onslaught of Democratic DAs is fully on. A district attorney in California has taken great care to guarantee that three gangsters who killed a five-year-old girl get away with as tiny sentences as possible.

Yet Another Scandalous Leftist Injustice Case

A case in hand is developing in California where Pamela Price, the radical leftist district attorney of Alameda County, has seen to it that three gangbangers won’t get properly punished for a young child’s murder, The New York Post reported.

Price scandalously refused to include charges of gun and gang enhancements to their murder charges.

Five-year-old Eliyanah Crisostomo was shot and killed on April 8 while she was traveling with several family members in a car in Fremont, California.

Three gang members, who thought the car’s driver was from a rival gang, pulled up, and one of them opened fire. Eliyanah perished on the scene after her heart was affected by a bullet.

However, Alameda County DA Pamela Price appears to be unmoved by the heinous crime and is seeking to “significantly lessen” the three gangbangers’ sentences.

No Life without Parole

The report quotes Jason Lustig, a veteran LA County prosecutor, who says the DA’s failure to file gun and enhancement charges presents an “extreme departure” from the practice of criminal law.

Without the enhancement, the three gang members could get away with 15-to-25-year sentences, while the extra charges would carry life without parole.

According to the police, the gangbanger who shot at the little girl’s car – 25-year-old Kristo Ayala of Pleasanton – fired three times. One of the bullets struck Crisostomo’s chest.

The other two men in the same vehicle – Emmanuel Sarango and Humberto – were also arrested and charged with murder.

Nevertheless, Price, who graduated from Yale and Berkeley, is making sure the three gangsters won’t go to prison for life. She was elected in November on a platform of “disrupting” the prosecutorial conventions at Alameda County.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.