Dem-Run City Seeks to Bribe Drug Addicts into Treatment

The rulers of Seattle have now come up with a brand-new abomination, namely a plan to reward or bribe drug addicts with gift cards, as long as the addicts agree to get treatment.

‘Gamifying Addiction”

The insane reward-based plan to fight Seattle’s drug addiction crisis has been announced by Democratic Mayor Bruce Harrell. His office website explains it would be a “contingency management” program designed to incentives drug users to get treatment, Fox News reported.

The bribes, which the Seattle Democrats think will help cure long-term drug addicts, feature cash and low-dollar gift cards. The report quotes journalist Jonathan Choe who says people have started to ask questions as to why the city has taken to “gamifying addiction.”

He added that the lefty mayor’s program seeking to keep the addicts clean and sober would resemble getting points at Chuck E. Cheese.

At the same time, however, Choe argued that Seattle’s residents should wait for the program to be tried out in order to judge whether it might end up being effective.

It is noted that another horrible crisis overwhelming the city has been homelessness and that is closely connected with the drug addiction crisis.

Drug Addiction Tied to Homelessness Crisis

Choe revealed evidence that eight out of ten Seattle residents who were homeless were also addicted to illegal narcotics.

The journalist argued the homeless addicts were hoping for “change in their lives,” including by having people to talk with and receiving greater treatment and support services.

He insisted that any attempt to tackle the drug addiction and homelessness crises would have to involve a massive mental health effort or the whole public crisis situation in Seattle would just “spiral out of control.”

Fox News anchor Ashley Strohmier pointed out to Choe that the Seattle mayor’s plan could allow addicts to sell any items they receive through gift cards and keep buying drugs. This has been the case in cities where looters are selling merchandise on the black market.

According to Choe, the big culprit behind the entire problem is Communist China since it is “fueling” the Mexican drug cartels. The unsecured southern border allows the latter to smuggle vast amounts of drugs into the US.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.