Dem Senator Thinks America Invented Slavery. We Didn’t. Not Even Close | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 506


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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a Democrat senator claims that the United States invented slavery. This seems to be a common view among leftists. It’s nonsense of course. An honest look at history shows that white people certainly don’t carry unique guilt for the sin of slavery. Today we’ll take that honest look. Also Five Headlines including a vicious assault on an elderly woman by a man who has been arrested up to 100 times already in the past. And in our Daily Cancellation, I’ll be canceling the public apology. 

00:00 – Opening
01:03 – Democrat Senator Thinks America Invented Slavery. We Didn’t. Not Even Close.
17:31 – Registered Sex Offender Had 60-100 Prior Arrests, Then Shoved Woman, 92
22:12 – Joe Biden fights for unity via Twitter
22:52 – Several airlines reducing alcoholic beverage service
23:41 – Latest from the “autonomous zone”
24:23 – A brave message from conservatives
31:39 – (For apologizing) Mike Gundy is cancelled

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