Democrat Billionaire Pops Up Behind Anti-Trump Lawsuit

A lawsuit against former President Donald Trump by a writer claiming he assaulted her sexually in the 1990s is actually funded by infamous far-left Democratic megadonor and billionaire Reid Hoffman, a report has revealed.

Some Unheard-of Writer Has Been Targeting Trump

Among the multiple lawsuits against Trump, there is a defamation lawsuit by leftist writer E. Jean Carroll. In 2019, Carroll accused the then-president of sexual assault that she claims occurred in the middle of the 1990s.

Once Trump rejected her accusations, she launched a defamation lawsuit against him during that same year. While that particular lawsuit has been “bouncing around” the federal, state, and appeals courts in New York City and the nation’s capital, it remains ongoing.

However, last November, Carroll also filed another defamation suit against Trump in New York’s Southern District.

A report by The Epoch Times revealed that a court filing from April 13 indicates Carroll’s lawsuit was paid for by Reid Hoffman, the Democratic billionaire and co-founder of LinkedIn.

In the filing, Joseph Tacopina and Alina Habba, Trump’s lawyers, questioned a statement Carroll made in a deposition in October that there was nobody covering her legal fees.

Guess Who!

A letter that Carroll’s lawyer sent to Trump’s attorneys on April 10 reveals the plaintiff “now recalls” she had extra funding from a nonprofit for legal fees and “certain [other] expenses.”

Trump’s lawyers learned the NPO in question was the American Future Republic, a pro-Democrat group, whose “primary backer” had been Reid Hoffman. The conclusion was confirmed by Carroll’s attorneys.

In September 2020, the leftist publication Vox described Hoffman as one of the biggest and “most influential” donors of the Democrat Party during the Trump era.

It turns out the American Future Republic’s funding for Carroll’s anti-Trump legal action started in September 2020, months after she launched her lawsuit in September 2019.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.