Democrat Candidate Arrested For Stalking

According to authorities, a Democratic Rhode Island congressional contender was detained after reportedly trailing an unidentified Ohio couple in his automobile for almost 70 miles.

During the night of March 22, while they were speeding away from their son’s house in Florida, a scared couple called the police.

In calling the police, they ended up having to report that a guy was following them violently in his automobile and said that they needed assistance.

According to the article, Candy Poland, the husband’s wife, was so terrified that she was unable to speak with authorities.

“It should be underlined that Candy was scared,” the report said, adding that Harold would have to explain what had occurred since she was unable to communicate clearly with law enforcement officers.

A silver automobile followed them and shone its lights at them, according to Harold Poland.

However, the silver car kept following their car even after he attempted to allow the silver car to pass.

The Chase Continues…

He informed police that they attempted to leave at two separate exits.

However, the silver vehicle just continued to follow them, even after they pulled over to the side of the road to get some air.

His next claim was that as he attempted to drive away, the silver vehicle chased after him and drove up beside them at a high rate of speed, facing oncoming traffic.

The owner of the silver vehicle could not be heard when he pulled down his window to shout at him because his music was too loud.

When the Polands phoned the police at 2:34 a.m., they were advised to drive to the police station, which they promptly did. According to the report, the silver automobile kept up a tight pursuit with them.

That’s when officers pulled over Michael Neary, a 28-year-old man driving a silver sedan. According to the police report, Neary “looked tense, his eyes were bloodshot, and he was talking quickly.”

More Information on the Arrest

Neary told police that he had gotten into a quarrel with his parents.

Then, he said he had gone for a drive to clear his thoughts, but that he had seen the couple’s license plate and started to follow them.

According to the report, authorities discovered marijuana, a ceramic pipe, and a half-full bottle of whiskey in Neary’s vehicle. They also claimed that he failed a number of sobriety tests.

In addition to stalking, the Democrat was charged with possession of marijuana and threatening by stalking.

He entered a not guilty plea and was subsequently freed on a $3,000 bail bond. The date for his pretrial conference has been set for April 21. It is uncertain if he will continue to compete for the seat in Congress.