Democrat Governor Deploys National Guard to Help Hospitals After Firing Unvaccinated Staff

The state of Maine is now solving a problem they themselves created.

In August, Governor Janet Mills of Maine issued a mandate that forced all healthcare workers in the state of Maine to be vaccinated. The result of that authoritarian mandate caused thousands of healthcare workers to be fired or resign, due to the fact they didn’t want to be vaccinated against their will.

Well, now, Governor Mills is attempting to clean up the mess she created. Mills decided to deploy the National Guard to nursing homes and healthcare facilities across the state, due to the scarce amount of healthcare workers now available to work.

Not only is Mills asking for help from Maine’s National Guard, but she is asking for the Biden administration to send federal response teams to Maine, too.

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According to CBS, there are 379 COVID patients in the entire state; the thought the National Guard would be brought in for a number that is not severely high is head-scratching.

Maine is not the only state to deploy the National Guard to healthcare facilities; the state of New York has done the same thing. Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency and deployed the National Guard to select hospitals around the state of New York.

Many of the National Guard members are being deployed to nursing homes, which is a bit scary for some. The last time former governor of New York Andrew Cuomo made a drastic decision regarding COVID protocols for nursing homes, thousands of elderly people were left dead.

The United States is Slowly Becoming a Police State

Not only are states sending the National Guard to hospitals, but they are also being deployed in the state of Massachusetts to drive children to school. Due to certain school districts in Massachusetts requiring bus drivers to be vaccinated, many just retired or went and found other jobs.

There is no shortage of healthcare workers in the United States, but there is a shortage of lawmakers who have common sense. Healthcare workers, bus drivers, and teachers are being replaced by the National Guard, which is a scary sight to see.

This is scary not because our National Guard is not patriotic, but rather the scary part is they are taking commands from authoritarian governors.

The day Biden was inaugurated, we saw thousands of National Guard members deployed to D.C. with no questions asked to help Biden safely get into the White House.

When soldiers go to basic training, they are told to listen to their superiors with no questions asked. Now, that’s what we are seeing around the country; the military is slowly but surely being used as a crutch for the Democrat Party to achieve their wishlist with no backlash.