Democrat Lawmakers Turn Against Biden on Key Policy Change

A number of key Democrats have turned against the administration of Joe Biden.

This is over his plan to end a Trump-era policy known as Title 42, which allows illegal immigrants to be expelled on public health grounds.

The Illegal Immigrant Deluge May Have Already Started

Title 42 provides swift deportation of illegal immigrants by US border authorities, who are not obliged to hear the asylum pleas before expulsion.

At least 1.7 million illegal immigrants have already been expelled from the United States under Title 42.

Now, the Biden administration is about to this lift in a month, a change that many pundits have warned will cause a deluge of illegals.

The deluge may have already started. In March 2022, a total of 221,000 illegal immigrants were caught by Customs and Border Protection agents, as per the latest CBP update.

Nearly half – about 109,500 – were expelled based on Title 42, while the other 111,000 were allowed to ask for asylum.

With the steady stream flowing through the US-Mexican border, a growing number of Democrats have started to speak out against Biden’s ill-advised plan to lift Title 42.

At least ten congressional Democrats already broke ranks with Biden and declared themselves against the ending of Title 42, Fox News reported.

Democrats Break Ranks with Biden

Among those Democrats who have spoken out is Sen. Mark Kelly of Arizona.

He told Fox News if Title 42 is lifted, there is going to be “a crisis on top” of the already giant illegal immigration crisis.

He said he warned the Biden administration months ago they should have a plan to handle the illegal immigration deluge before deciding to lift the health-based deportation policy.

Kyrsten Sinema, the other US senator from Arizona, is another key Democrat who is opposed to the end of Title 42.

She argued the “failure of the federal government at our border” caused Arizona communities to suffer.

This is why the Biden administration should have a “workable plan” on illegal immigration, way ahead of a potential lifting of the Title 42 health authority.

Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar, a moderate left-wing member of the House of Representatives, is opposed to Biden’s plan.

Cuellar called for “law and order” at the US-Mexican border, not “chaos.”

His stricter stance on illegal immigration has earned him the wrath of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her woke, far-left cohorts who are now working to unseat him.

The growing list of Democrat Party lawmakers breaking ranks with the Biden administration also includes the following:

Sen. Gary Peters of Michigan, Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia, well-known dissident Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware, Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire, Sen. Catherine Cortez of Nevada, and Sen. Jon Tester of Montana.

In separate statements, Peters and Warnock also echoed calls for the drafting of a plan on how to handle the additional influx of illegal immigration expected to materialize if Title 42 goes.