Democrat Party Facing Trouble in Major Progressive State

The Democrat Party might be in big trouble in Oregon, one of the states that it has dominated for decades. State authorities are mulling a criminal probe over a donation the lefties failed to report properly.

Democratic Corruption in Leftist Oregon

Democrats could get in trouble even among their own officials.

Oregon’s Justice Department started to consider whether to launch a criminal probe, as the state Democrat Party illegally took campaign donations under a false name.

Roy Kaufmann, an Oregon Justice Department spokesman, said the matter was under review, as the investigation’s scope was yet to be decided. The problematic donation is a $500,000 contribution made by a cryptocurrency executive in the fall of 2023.

The report notes how Oregon law stipulates that taking campaign money under a “false name” is a Class C felony.

It is noted the news out from Oregon’s Justice Department was major because the Office of the Secretary of State already shut down its own investigation into the matter earlier in May.

Oregon’s Secretary of State concluded a settlement deal with the Democratic Party of Oregon in the case. The SoS never referred it to the state Justice Department for a potential criminal probe.

Deeply Problematic Revelations

The office added it didn’t find any proof that Democrats knew the actual donor. His real name is Nishad Singh, a former executive of the collapsed scandalous crypto exchange FTX.

The probe by the Oregon Secretary of State’s office actually discovered Democratic fundraisers agreed with a request by Singh’s representative to list the $500,000 donation under the name Prime Trust, a crypto payment processor.

The report points out that Shemia Fagan, the former secretary of state and a Democrat, resigned this month.

That happeneed after it emerged that she had taken a secret $10,000-per-month contract for consultancy services with a problematic pot dispensary company.

Fagan also received over $424,000 from the Democratic Party of Oregon while running for office. At the same time, she gave the party $190,000 in 2011.

Kaufmann, the Oregon Justice Department spokesman, said the case about illegal donations was referred to the office by Cheryl Myers, the new acting secretary of state.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.