Democrat-run State Sends More Money Down the Drain

Left-wing states continue making devastating choices that are hurting residents and sending people running out the door.

California and New York are both great examples of this. Their very high living costs, taxes, and other problems led to more residents leaving and relocating to states like Florida and Texas.

Illinois is also run by Democrats, yet faces growing issues. Earlier this month, the state passed laws that forced property owners to have to take on illegal immigrants as renters.

If this wasn’t bad enough, new Gateway Pundit developments just revealed that the state is further squandering its resources.

Doomed For Disaster

Illinois recently kicked off a Peacekeepers Program. This emerged as sort of an alternative to traditional policing, amid left-wing calls to defund law enforcement.

Supporters of the Peacekeepers Program maintain that it’s a way of toning down violent confrontations. They also don’t have a problem with the $30 million being blown on this program during the present fiscal year.

So far, the Peacekeepers Program isn’t looking too good. Many of the individuals involved have criminal records or have been taken into custody for confrontations with the people they’re supposed to be quasi-policing.

Nevertheless, there are zero indicators that Illinois plans to do away with this project or go back to empowering legitimate law enforcement officers.

Not Sustainable

Like any community, Illinois needs real police officers on the ground in order to keep people safe and disincentivize criminal activity.

No matter how much of the fiscal budget gets wasted on the state’s Peacekeepers Program, it’s clear to see this initiative isn’t working out so well.

Meanwhile, there are more and more reports of criminals viciously breaking the law in broad daylight, seemingly with little fear of the consequences. This is the unfortunate, end result of disempowering and defunding the real police force.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.