Democratic Governor of NY Wants “Quarantine Camps”

Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul of New York is requesting permission from the courts to hold people in “quarantine camps” without their consent.

Hochul’s Disregard for Rights

Hochul returned to court to ask for authorization to confine New Yorkers in isolation camps.

People would be thrown into the camps without warning, deprived of their rights, and kept there for however long state health professionals feel fit.

There are no age restrictions in the scheme, so kids might be snatched away from their loved ones. The conflict started when New York officials wanted to implement a new rule granting the state just that authority during the pandemic.

The “Isolation and Quarantine Procedure” program of Governor Hochul includes detention facilities. Following a lawsuit that was started in April 2022, the detention strategy was found to be unlawful.

Weeks after receiving the lawsuit, Judge Ronald Ploetz decided the plan didn’t adhere to the Constitution’s standards.

Hochul is currently challenging the court’s denial of her proposal, based on a report from attorney Bobbie Anne Flower Cox at the Brownstone Institute. Hochul is represented by Attorney General Letitia James.

A group of NYS legislators and a citizens’ organization, Uniting NYS, brought the lawsuit, Borrello v. Hochul, something that was won last July, against the governor and the Department of Health.

The governor and her Department of Health had no authority to enact their nightmarish Isolation and Quarantine Protocols law, according to the case’s basic premise, which was a violation of the separation of powers.

The rule enabled the Department of Health to select which New Yorkers they can lock up, without any evidence that they were really ever connected to, much less genuinely sick with, a contagious disease.

Cox said they could’ve taken you away from your house and sent you to quarantine at a facility of their choice or they might have locked you up in your house.

According to the article, the regulation would give state officials carte blanche to imprison anyone in the camps without regard to any time restrictions, avenues for appeal, restrictions on age, or other rights.

The sheriff or local police may have knocked on your house and informed you that you were required to accompany them on a health department order, she said.

Also, there was no method in the legislation for you to be freed from quarantine and no way to allow you to try to bargain your way out.

It’s noteworthy that they didn’t submit an appeal to try and overturn this terrible rule, prior to that important election, the attorney noted.

Republicans Fight the Illegal Procedure

The case’s plaintiffs expressed their displeasure with the state’s pursuit of such a radical proposal in a statement they released.

Dr. Naomi Wolf, a former political counselor to Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s presidential campaigns, is running an oppositional movement to Hochul’s ideas.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.