Democratic Mayor Begs for No More Migrants on Her Way Out

Lori Lightfoot, the infamous outgoing mayor of Chicago whose four-year term has been one huge embarrassment, is adding extra layers of disgrace to her record. She’s doing this by begging Texas Governor Greg Abbott not to send any more illegal immigrants to her city.

Lightfoot’s Disgrace Drags On

In February, Lightfoot miserably lost her reelection bid, coming in third with only 16% of the cast votes in Chicago’s mayoral election.

Lightfoot’s replacement, Brandon Johnson, will be no better, judging from his comments as mayor-elect, refusing to denounce unruly teen thugs staging downtown riots last month.

Meanwhile, Lightfoot is making sure her departure from the top Chicago job is just as pathetic as her entire term.

She sent a letter to Abbott, literally beginning him not to send more illegal immigrants to her city. This plea is exposing the hypocrisy of Democrats who are all in favor of America’s invasion by illegal immigrants but, if possible, would like to avoid dealing with the invaders directly.

Biden has so far presided over the influx of more than six million illegal immigrants, close to a third of whom have been “gotaways.” Since last spring, Abbott has been bussing illegal migrants from Texas to Democrat-run cities such as Washington, DC, New York City, and Chicago.

This is happening to give Democrats a chance to deal first-hand with the insane mess they created for this nation by deliberately refusing to secure the border.

Abbott Doesn’t ‘Care’ about Illegal Migrants’ Needs

In her letter to Abbott, Chicago’s outgoing woke mayor accuses him of having “political motivations” behind sending the busloads, Fox News reports. Lightfoot writes further that her staffers learned Abbott was preparing to bus more illegals beginning on Monday.

She pleads with him to give up on what she calls “dangerous and inhumane action.” Lightfoot also revealed Chicago has had to take care of over 8,000 illegal immigrants since the first buses from Texas arrived in August.

Lightfoot accuses Texas of failing to cater to the migrants’ needs. At the same time, she claims Chicago continues to be a “Welcoming City,” but it lacks the resources to facilitate further migrant relocations to the community.

She concludes by claiming illegal migration is a national problem and accuses Abbott of not caring about the illegal immigrants’ needs.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.