Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin Leaves Floor While Sen. Chuck Schumer Insults Republicans

A house divided against itself can’t stand, right? Well, it appears the Democrat Party is falling before our very eyes.

After the Senate voted to increase the debt ceiling to over $400 billion dollars, the Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer went on a long tantrum of how the Republican Party is at fault for obstructing America’s chances at prosperity.

Most of the Senate Democrats nodded in agreement with Schumer; however, Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia had a different reaction. While Schumer was having a tantrum, Manchin covered his face into his hands.

He also started to talk to his colleagues next to him. It was very clear Manchin was upset with Schumer’s antics. He then just got and up and left the Senate floor to show his disapproval with Schumer’s unnecessary, self-serving speech.

Manchin Reveals Why He Walked Off the Senate Floor

After Manchin abruptly left the Senate floor, he was met by dozens of reporters asking him why was he upset with Schumer. Without hesitation, Manchin stated Schumer’s speech was inappropriate. He followed that up by saying he’s sick of playing politics with both sides.

That wasn’t all, though; Manchin also told reporters there’s a lack of civility in the Senate right now and he doesn’t want to be a part of it. Manchin is totally right.

Schumer must have forgotten he represents residents of New York; for him to talk on the Senate floor as if he was being interviewed by CNN is unprofessional and embarrassing for the Democrat Party.

Schumer Has Top Republicans in His Pocket. Why Complain?

Schumer’s whiny, anti-Republican speech was bizarre, considering 11 Republicans (including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell) voted to increase the debt ceiling and were in no way opposed to it. RINOs like McConnell learned fast that it doesn’t matter if you side with the Democrats, they will still find a way to make you at fault.

In McConnell’s mind, he probably thought he was going to get some type of ‘thank you’ or a pat on the back, but the opposite happened. Most of the 11 Republicans were the same ones who voted for Trump to be impeached back in January; so, it’s no surprise they would side with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling too.

Trump (who always likes to call out hypocrisy when he sees it) blasted McConnell for leading 11 Republicans to side with the Democrats. Trump then stated McConnell is not the guy for the job.

Later, he encouraged a new group of conservatives to take over the Senate to replace all of the RINOs. The 2022 midterms should be interesting. Will McConnell finally be voted out? Without Trump’s endorsement, it looks like that will be very well possible.