Democrat Senator Accused of Child Sexual Abuse Released on Bail

Absolutely sickening news has surfaced in Arizona; Democrat state Senator Tony Navarrete, who has been charged with seven felonies that involve sexually abusing a child, has been released from jail after putting up $50,000 bail.

Fox 10 Phoenix reported that Navarrete was released from jail on a $50,000 bond on Saturday. The low bond for such a heinous crime is just another example of how Democrat lawmakers are seen as above the law.

Details Behind Navarrete’s Arrest

Tony Navarrete was arrested after a young boy (who is now 16 years old) came forward and told the police that when he was 12 years old, Navarette molested him.

According to a police report, Navarrete allegedly touched the 12 year old’s genitalia with his mouth and hands. The sexual abuse occurred for several years while Navarette lived at the same home as the boy.

Navarrete is also being accused of attempting to sexually abuse the victim’s little brother, who was ten years old at the time. Besides having the young boy’s testimony that states Navarrete sexually abused him, police were also able to record a phone call of Navarrete apologizing to the young boy for sexually abusing him.

In the phone call, the young boy asked why Navarrete decided to molest him, in which the fallen senator replied he wasn’t mentally well.

Navarrete Has Refused to Resign as a State Senator

The Governor of Arizona Doug Ducey, along with Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, has called for Tony Navarrete’s resignation; yet, as of right now, he still has yet to resign. So technically speaking, taxpayers are still paying Navarrete’s salary, even though he’s been charged with child molestation.

Tony Navarrete was openly gay and was a major supporter of the LGBTQ community in Phoenix. He was also openly supportive of both VP Kamala Harris and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; he even posted pictures with them on his Twitter which has gone viral after his arrest. Neither Kamala nor AOC have called for Navarrete to resign.

Trump Supporters’ Bonds for January 6th Riot Higher Than Navarrete’s

Many Trump supporters who were “let” inside of the Capitol building didn’t receive any bonds for walking inside of the Capitol and taking selfies. Yet, when a Democrat state senator is arrested on alleged sexual abuse of a minor, they don’t only get a bond, but a bond that’s only $50,000.

So essentially, the Judge in Maricopa County is saying a trespasser is more dangerous than a sexual predator, which is purely a backwards logic by all means.

Another major name in politics is refusing to resign after being accused of sexual crimes too. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York has yet to resign after the New York Attorney General’s office stated that there was an overwhelming amount of credible evidence which shows Cuomo sexually assaulted several women.

I’m sure if Cuomo and Navarrete were Republicans, they would definitely not have a bond; they would, however, have a CNN special dedicated to covering their crimes.