Democrats’ Antifa Problem | The Michael Knowles Show Ep. 592


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Democrat Mazie Hirono storms out of the Capitol when Ted Cruz asks her to condemn Antifa, the Revolutionary Communist Party endorses Joe Biden, and NBC admits mail-in ballots don’t work.

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00:00 – Mazie Storms Out of Cruz Hearing
02:49 – Viewer Comment
05:12 – I Don’t Say “Hate Their Country” Lightly
09:51 – More Communists Endorse Biden
12:49 – More Trump Voters
14:36 – Black Trump Supporters march Through LA
17:40 – Condi: Don’t Assume What Black People Think
20:10 – First Hispanic President
24:36 – Reporters Tell Kayleigh To Shut Down Entire Country
29:49 – NBC Admits Mail-In Ballots Don’t Work
33:51 – Pelosi’s COVID “Relief”
37:33 – Trump Endorses Masks
39:55 – Trump to Accept Nomination in Private
40:58 – Trump Interview With Jonathan Swan on HBO
44:11 – 2+2=5

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