Democrats Are Finally Aware of the Southern Border Issue

"Border Fence. Imperial Sand Dunes, California. 2009" by ERIC WHITE

Democrats who were among the most adamant in defending the trainwreck caused by the Biden presidency have finally caved to pressure caused by one of our president’s many missteps.

Namely, prominent Democratic figures like NYC Mayor Eric Adams and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser have spoken up on the massive influx of illegal immigrants into their cities.

All of them were practically set free into the US by the largely ineffective border policies instated by Biden.

“U.S.-Mexico Border” by Anthony Albright

The bubble had to burst eventually

Adams called for help from FEMA, stating New York was already dealing with a lack of shelter for the homeless population; this unprecedented surge of immigrants is only going to make things worse.

It’s hard calling it unprecedented, though.

The Biden administration nearly made it their job to let illegal immigrants into the country, given the fact that dozens of planes filled with southern border immigrants were flown out to Jacksonville, FL on the president’s orders.

As for the recent happenings, Adams claims nearly 3,000 people made it to New York after being released at the border.

They’re currently clogging up the homeless shelters, which were already filled to the brim, albeit that’s a whole different can of worms to open up.

Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar poked fun at the fact that both Adams and Bowser were only now starting to tackle the issue he’d apparently been warning them about for over a year.

Cuellar added that the best solution to the problem is not to create any incentives for them to come in the first place.

Greg Abbott’s operation “sticks it” to Biden

It’s important to note these immigrants didn’t make it to New York and D.C. by foot.

They were shipped out from the border with approximately 150 buses, with the operation costing millions of taxpayer dollars, $6.8 million in Texas alone.

Aside from clogging up cities’ homeless shelters, this influx clogged up the nation’s airports and bus lines, largely due to nonprofit groups irresponsibly assigning migrant groups to airports across state lines.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott started the operation in mid-April as a clap back for Biden’s claim it was Trump-era policies that brought more people to the border.

The border issue isn’t exactly new, either. Border Patrol has been releasing detained migrants into the country, referring them to the closest immigration court, only for them to travel further into the country and live with family or friends.

In fact, certain cities have dubbed themselves “sanctuary zones” for migrants by protecting them from arrest by federal immigration authorities. This is partially why certain cities are overrun by them.

The situation doesn’t look good; it finally seems Democrats have become aware of the monster they created.