Democrats Praising Texas Doctor for Breaking Texas Abortion Law

A doctor from Texas has admitted in an op-ed he wrote for the Washington Post that he purposely broke the Texas heartbeat law; this law bans all abortions past six weeks.

The doctor says he broke the law because he deemed the new abortion law in Texas as illegal. Dr. Alan Braid proudly confessed to the Washington Post that he performed an abortion on a woman who was past six weeks pregnant.

This happened on September 6th. That was five days after the state of Texas banned abortion procedures on woman who are past six weeks pregnant.

In Dr. Braid’s op-ed, he defended his choice to perform the abortion because he has a duty to care for all of his patients. He then went on to say he believes abortions are a primary part of the United States’ healthcare system.

Many Democrats are praising Dr. Braid’s decision to defy Texas law and perform an abortion procedure on a woman past six weeks. On Twitter many users declared Braid as a “hero”; others called Braid “courageous” and “brave.”

Dr. Braid literally murdered a baby but the left is celebrating him as if he solved world hunger. Just take a look at some of these tweets below.

Notice how all of the doctors who helped injured soldiers and Afghans after the Kabul blast didn’t get called heroess and courageous, but when a doctor performs an abortion, they’re hailed as a saint.

This is how corrupt the Democrat Party has become and it’s completely disgusting at this point.

Dr. Braid is Now Facing Two Lawsuits

Under Texas’ new heartbeat law, also known as S.B. 8, there’s a clause that allows the general public to sue anyone who helps a person to get an abortion.

The clause states any person who helps a woman in getting an abortion (whether it is driving them to the abortion clinic or performing the procedure) is liable to be sued for $10,000.

Well now, two plaintiffs are suing Dr. Braid for performing the abortion to test the legitimacy of Texas law. Both of the plaintiffs are suing Dr. Braid because they believe by filing a lawsuit, the higher courts will overturn Texas’ new law and deem it as unconstitutional.

Democrats Love Abortion, but Don’t Know Its Racist History

The same Democrats who were holding BLM signs all across cities in the summer are the ones who have been leading the charge for “pro choice” rallies in Texas.

Many of them fail to realize abortion stemmed from the eugenics movement; this was a racist movement that attempted to sterilize African Americans and other minorities.

Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood, was a racist who wanted to decrease the black population in the United States. However, Democrats will ignore that and keep pumping money into a clinic that clearly has sadistic goals.