Democrats Claim DHS is Concealing Workplace Harassment and Abuse

"Seal of the United States Department of Homeland Security" by Tomkie sFastyne

In a recent human resources case involving the Department of Homeland Security, Democrat Representatives Carolyn Maloney and Bennie Thompson raised concerns over allegations of staff abuse in Inspector General Joseph Cuffari’s office.

The letter in question, written by Thompson and Maloney, who house the Homeland Security and Oversight and Reform Committees, came after several reports of domestic abuse and sexual harassment were “concealed” and “censored” under Cuffari’s orders.

More specifically, they claim the office removed crucial findings from previous investigative reports into DHS employee misconduct.

“Smith, Maloney, Houlahan, and Labor Leaders to Hold Press Conference on the FY20 NDAA and Paid Parental Leave” by AFGE

Political left attempts to smear the Homeland Security office

Aside from this, the letters claim the office intentionally delayed the release of a report regarding sexual harassment within the DHS offices, putting the ball on Cuffari’s side of the court.

The draft lists upwards of 30 cases of CBP, Secret Service, or Immigration and Customs investigations that “discovered” an employee was exhibiting domestic violence without any significant penalty or disciplinary action, following the discovery of said information.

The report also presents an unconfirmed statistic of over 86% of DHS officers involved in domestic violence cases keeping their jobs and retaining their service-provided weaponry, with extreme cases suffering suspension for no longer than two weeks.

Domestic violence among DHS employees

However, the Democrat left believes the final report was cut short by outside influence.

They are claiming that heaps of relevant evidence have been redacted, including the aforementioned 30+ cases of domestic violence in DHS employee households.

The investigation into the matter originally began four years ago, focusing on reporting sexual misconduct and harassment of DHS employees.

This happened only for the Inspector General’s office to refuse to commit to a timeline when releasing their findings to the public eye.

The aforementioned letter demands the office provide detailed information on the case, as well as all documents and evidence relevant to it by May 24th, with the OIG office leaving no comment at the time.

While mobbing and sexual harassment in offices have definitely become toxic, yet commonplace practices in the US, it’s not too clear why DHS would be redacting evidence from their own investigation.

There’s definitely a reputation to uphold, but claiming this sort of coverup extends far and beyond into other service branches across the US does seem a bit far-fetched.

Given the fact Cuffari was originally appointed to his position by former President Trump, it becomes very clear why the left is going after him.

We’ve reached a point where the political left will do everything in their power to remove every trace of the previous president.

This includes axing policies that were actually beneficial to the US economy. This can be seen through the Biden administration’s adamance when it came to “regulating” border policies.