Democrat’s Daughter Allegedly Assaulted a Police Officer

Last week on Saturday, House Democrat Katherine Clark’s daughter, Riley, was arrested on account of charges of assaulting a police officer and spray-painting a historical monument.

In response to the development, Clark took to her Twitter to assure she still loves her daughter and it’s only one of the many things that comes with being a parent and raising your child.

Democrats are out of line once again

However, it’s hard to argue there’s any parenting to do, considering Riley is 23 years old, especially if we take into account that an officer of the law was injured; both public and personal property were destroyed in her act of vandalism.

Strangely enough, Riley wasn’t referred to by her real name in the report given by the Boston Police Department, but rather as Jared Dowell.

However, this may be connected to one of Katherine’s previous statements where she explained one of her children identifies as non-binary, which is another gender ideology pushed into the mainstream by the gender identity movement.

As it turns out, Riley, or possibly “Jared,” was seen spray painting the hateful ACAB message onto a monument in Boston Common as the police arrived to respond to a protest that was happening in the area.

The other messages written had references to recent events happening in Atlanta, where a protester was shot and killed after opening fire on a police squad.

Atlanta protesters clearly don’t care Teran fired the first shot

As Dowell was being arrested, a group of 20 or more protesters gathered around the police officers, shouting slurs at them through megaphones, until one was hit in the face, drawing blood.

This wouldn’t exactly be news, considering the woke mob practically does this every week, but the fact that Katherine is the second highest-ranking Democrat in the House made this incident much bigger than it initially was.

Alongside Riley, another protester, Andrea Coletti, was arrested only an hour later, as she’d also vandalized a monument while also interfering with the original arrest of Katherine Clark’s daughter.

The protests were a response to the Atlanta protests that raged on for an entire day, causing massive damage to the city and endangering the lives of both law enforcement officers and civilians that had nothing to do with the events that sparked it.

The protests initially broke out on January 21st last week when a 26-year-old environmental activist was shot and killed near Atlanta Police Department’s training facility.

What the mob failed to understand was the shooting wasn’t unprovoked. Manuel Esteban Paez Teran was the one to have fired the first shot, prompting a response from the police department.

The backlash from the general public was immense, despite it being a shot fired in self-defense; the city of Atlanta, unfortunately, was there to suffer the consequences.

Shop windows were shattered, fireworks fired out in the street, and according to reports, a police car was set ablaze.