Democrats Helping Putin Tremendously as Russia Mauls Ukraine

The Democrat Party happens to be tremendously helping Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, simply because they are stifling America’s energy production, according to experts.

‘Overwhelming Evidence’

It has been 45 days since Putin invaded Ukraine in all-out World War II-style, to the dismay of the entire civilized world.

Against this backdrop, with Joe Biden in the White House and Democrats in control of Congress, America ended up being quite a far cry from the energy production powerhouse that it was under President Trump, just a couple of years ago.

With Democrats refusing to boost the oil and natural gas extraction in the United States, they are helping Putin and his atrocious war efforts tremendously, according to a number of reputable international security experts.

Earlier this week, President Trump’s former National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster, told a congressional hearing that Russia is sponsoring a disinformation campaign in the United States against fracking.

McMaster declared there is “overwhelming evidence” that Russia is working to “portray fracking as unsafe.”

With the Democrats in power, this stifles US natural gas production, and respectively America’s ability to supply natural gas to its allies, thus keeping Putin in a position of power.

Moscow keeps getting about $1 billion per day from natural gas and oil sales; its autocrat can use energy dependence to blackmail the Europeans into submission.

Boosting European, US Dependency on Russian Energy

Rebekah Koffler, who is an expert on Russia, told Fox News she concurs with McMaster’s statement about Putin’s subterfuge in the US and other western nations that is designed to suppress their own energy production.

Koffler said the Russians “have been working” in collaboration with “the environmentalist organizations”, thus “running covert influence operations.”

Those efforts are designed to “promote green energy” at the expense of fossil fuels and new technologies, such as fracking.

In her words, the Russians’ secret “green energy” propaganda “resonates with certain audiences” in the United States, particularly the Democrats, and with similarly minded audiences in Europe.

According to the former intelligence operative, Moscow’s endgame in that respect is to promote and preserve “US and European dependency on Russia’s energy”.

The expert opinions of the likes of Koffler and McMaster have been corroborated by at least a few reports of the federal government, concluding that Russia is trying to prevent the “expansion of natural gas” in America.

Against this backdrop, in 2020, Democrats in the House pushed a bill to ban “all fracking” in the US by 2025.

While it is unknown whether the Democrats are “intentional or not”, as Koffler said, in helping Putin, benefiting him is the end result of their “green energy”, “anti-fracking” agenda.

This is ironic since the Democrats have claimed to be appalled by Putin’s war on Ukraine.