Democrats’ Push for Reparations Could Be a Ploy to Retain Black Voters

The founder and president of the Woodson Center, Robert Woodson, recently went viral over his opinion on the left’s push for reparations; he argued the only purpose of the move is to retain black voters.

This topic has been quite the can of worms every time it was brought up; now, federal officials have timed it for the upcoming 2024 election cycle.

Dems can’t risk losing the black vote

No matter how you look at it, Democrats are at an incredible disadvantage in the coming elections.

Giving payments to qualifying African Americans may just be what helps them retain some of the voters that have already started making the switch over to the conservative side.

Even though polls showed that reparations aren’t exactly Americans’ top priority, Democratic lawmakers have pressed on, introducing a $14 trillion plan; whereas the Californian reparations task force recommended $1.2 million be paid to every black American.

$1.2 million is one hell of a number, though.

Just handing it out to black communities across the nation is bound to have its implications. If you consider we’re in what could be the worst inflation climate the US has experienced to date, funneling money into the system will only make matters worse.

Woodson argued the entire thing is a complicated way of keeping us all occupied until the election when the Democrats are bound to rake in support from the black community.

A movement powered by white guilt

Woodson continued, claiming Biden’s horrendous approval rating could be one of the other reasons they’re so focused on the reparations program.

The civil rights veteran argued the plan was created to keep the American people in a constant state of grievance, which makes them easier to control.

At the end of the day, the current push for reparations was created by a civil rights movement that was a shadow of its former self, running on pure “white guilt” and nothing else.