Democrats Shook as Biden Claims He Visited “All 54 States”

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

Biden’s latest public appearance at the Union was…eventful, to say the least. The crowd was left in shock when he started bragging about his campaign trail and how he managed to visit 54 states of the nation.

Last time we checked, the grand total was 50, as denoted by the 50 stars on the flag. It’s still unknown whether Biden simply lost count or if he’s actually convinced that there are four additional states in the US that no one’s heard of.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

Biden is so far gone he can’t keep track of how many states there are

Both the crowd present at the event and the rest of us would’ve been able to move past this if Biden didn’t just continue with the embarrassment only minutes later. The gaffe itself made it into one of the White House transcripts from the event.

The error came as Biden was speaking about the idea that Republicans would repeal Obamacare, which, considering it would take 60+ votes to overcome the Democrats’ filibuster opposition, is only a remote possibility.

Despite it being quite the stretch, Biden didn’t shy away from using it as political ammo, claiming Republicans are dead-set on eliminating the Affordable Care Act and they’ve tried to do it 500 times until now.

His reference to the supposed 54 states could have been a last-ditch effort to rally Democrats against Obamacare overturn attempts; although the context of the remark went over everyone’s head, possibly including Biden himself.

Obama went for 57 instead

As it turns out, it was around 14 years ago when former President Barack Obama made a similar mistake; although he claimed there were 57 states at the time, a gaffe that Biden probably didn’t catch.

Unlike Biden though, Obama actually managed to make it through an entire speech without having to reference a cheat sheet. Even though he did stutter at times, at least he was able to put together a string of coherent sentences.

With Joe, on the other hand, it’s a completely different story. He’s continuously making an embarrassment of himself and our great nation by showing his incompetence in front of other world leaders, most of which don’t refrain from laughing at him in private.

If the Obamacare repeal does gain some traction, Democrats will be forced into a corner, leaving them no option but to stick with whatever narrative gets the most votes. It may be too late to start focusing on the economy this late into the game.

There’s barely a week until the midterms and Republicans already amassed a sizeable lead. With Biden’s assistance in making Democrats look as qualified for the job as he is, a clean sweep is almost guaranteed.

The majority of the Senate races are already in favor of the Republicans. If the GOP manages to attain the majority of House seats, there could be some massive changes coming in the near future.