Democrats Silent After Environmental Extremists Storm U.S. Interior Department

Since the Capitol building was infiltrated on January 6th, Democrats have been using the event as a tool to demonize Trump supporters nonstop; however, they’re silent when environmental extremists attempt to take over the U.S. Department of Interior.

A group of protestors attempted to take over the U.S. Department of Interior after they staged a sit-in. The protestors were demanding Biden to declare a climate change executive order that would eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

A total of 55 protestors were arrested during the event and some protestors even hospitalized a police officer who was protecting the building.

Just look at what happened at a U.S. federal government building. Meanwhile, liberals networks like CNN and NBC were silent. Just imagine if it was Trump supporters doing the same thing; the National Guard and large fences would be re-erected.

Protestors Staged a Sit-in

Many Indigenous people attended the protests; they were able to make their way inside the Department of Interior before police started to keep protestors from coming into the building.

The Indigenous Environmental Network helped organize the protests and stated Indigenous people want the natural balance of Mother Earth to be restored.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Department of Interior, its job is to manage the United States’ resources and heritage; they are also supposed to make sure the United States keeps its commitments to Native American communities.

Flashback to When Climate Activists Stormed the Capitol Building

This isn’t the first time climate activists protested inside of a federal building; climate activists led by AOC stormed Nancy Pelosi’s office in 2018 to bring the Green New Deal into the spotlight.

Days after winning New York’s 14th congressional representative seat, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, alongside the Sunshine Movement protestors, made her way into the Capitol building to highlight socialist environment decrees.

Instead of condemning AOC and the activists like Pelosi did to Trump supporters when they stormed her office, she instead praised their efforts. Pelosi labeled them as courageous advocates of climate change.

The left won’t cover these protests because it shows their narrative the Democrat Party has it all together is a lie. It’s clear there’s major division amongst progressives and lifelong Democrats like Pelosi and Schumer.

Notice how AOC didn’t take over a Republican’s office, but rather Pelosi’s office, Pelosi who is also a Democrat? There’s a power struggle within the Democrat Party and only time will tell who prevails.

What these climate activists don’t care to do is research the millions of people who would be out of a job if fossil fuels were banned. They don’t care to research the trillions of dollars of extra infrastructure that would have to follow new spending on eco-friendly innovations.