Dems Now Move to Promote Homelessness with New Oregon Bill

Communist Democrats are increasingly striving to turn the pathologies in American society into the norm – all the way from unpunished crimes to now homelessness. A Democrat-sponsored bill in Oregon is seeking to defend and promote it.

Homeless – Good, Decent Americans – Bad, the Democrat Logic Goes

The stupefying sight of homeless shanty towns all over Democrat-run America has been an abject embarrassment for the proud American nation. For the Democrat Party, though, that is apparently nothing to be ashamed of, but a phenomenon to be promoted and encouraged.

Democratic members of the Oregon state House of Representatives introduced new legislation to both “decriminalize” camps built by the homeless and to criminalize any “harassment” of them or telling them to leave.

HB 3501 stipulates allowing the homeless to take advantage of any public space without having to fear “discrimination and time limitations,” KTVZ reported.

Conversely, and quite naturally for the totalitarian left, law-abiding, tax-paying American patriots are evil monsters who have got to be put down.

Hey, Let’s Give Homelessness Legal Protection!

Thus, besides making it legal for the homeless to set up camp just about anywhere, the bill proposed by Oregon Democrats would empower them to sue anybody telling them to leave (or otherwise “harassing them”) for $1,000.

The bill blames homelessness on a whole bunch of “objective” factors, such as “economic hardship” and a failing “social safety net.”

It also claims decriminalizing homelessness would make authorities “redirect resources” from the police to “activities” which would “address the root causes” of the problem.

In other words, the bill proposed by state Reps. Khanh Pham and Farrah Chaichi provide for “defunding the police” and using the money to legitimize, stabilize, and encourage homelessness.

The report points out there has been “sizable” public opposition to the proposed legislation, with locals complaining that giving legal protection to the homeless would make the issue far worse than it already is.


This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.