Department of Homeland Security Reports Drone Attack on US Power Grid

A report by the Department of Homeland Security has officially revealed that in July of last year, a drone attempted to take out the US power grid.

The high-tech drone with dangling pieces of nylon ropes and copper attempted to crash into a Pennsylvania electrical grid substation.

The DHS and FBI stated the goal of the device was to disrupt the substation’s power grid by creating a short circuit. As of right now, the DHS has no clue who was piloting the drone.

They have no leads because the drone itself was stripped of all memory cards and onboard cameras. The national counterterrorism unit is now on the case and is still attempting to find the culprits behind the crime.

More Details Behind the Crime

The drone didn’t cause any major fires or electrical shocks, but it crashed on a building and broke off its rotor. The attack occurred over a year ago, but the general public is just hearing about it now because an extensive investigation led to no suspects.

This isn’t the first time a drone has caused the DHS a scare; in 2015, a drone safely landed on the White House’s front lawn. ISIS has reportedly used drones and packed them with explosives in the past.

So, now’s the time for the DHS to get their act together and stop any drones from reaching a strategic American building or structure before it’s too late.

In September, Fox News was told to stop filming the southern border crisis by the FAA; then, soon after the FAA felt backlash, they gave the news outlet the right to fly again.

If the FAA and DHS treated our enemies’ drones as they did conservative news outlets’ drones, then they would’ve found out who crashed a drone into a Pennsylvania substation grid.

Former CCP General Buys Land Near Texas Power Grid

A former commander for the People’s Liberation Army of China bought close to 140,000 acres of land in the state of Texas. The land was strategically close to the Laughlin Air Force Base in Val Verde, Texas; the plan was to build an air wind farm on the 140,000 acres.

Business tycoon billionaire Sun Guangxin spent close to $110 million on 140,000 acres in the name of his company GH American Energy LLC. Guangxin planned to build a wind farm that would feed right into Texas’ power grid; this is a major security risk, considering Guangxin’s current links to the CCP.

Within his 140,000 acres is a brand new airstrip which is another red flag, considering Laughlin Airforce Base is right next door.

To prevent Guangxin’s wind farm from coming to fruition, Governor Abbott signed the Lone Star Infrastructure Act. This bill aims to prevent any businesses with connections to hostile nations from accessing Texas’ power grid.